How much money was Lavrenty Beria

History 26/01/20 How much money was Lavrenty Beria

Domestic and foreign historians, as well as family members Lavrenty Beria result diametrically opposed information about the welfare of the Marshal – some argue that he was fabulously rich, others are talking about relatively modest incomes.

did he have the “luxury life”

British authors, telling about the life of Lavrenty Beria, claimed that he literally bathed in luxury – living in a giant cottage made of stone and glass, dressed in Western fashion, had a magnificent mansion in Moscow, an elegant limousine. The richness of the Marshal, in particular, wrote English historian Simon Sebag-Montefiore, in the early 80-ies in England filmed the movie “Red monarch”, which was also said about the financial viability of Lavrenty Beria.

American Amy knight, in his biographical book about Beria mentioned Tbilisi mansion of the first Secretary of the Transcaucasian regional Committee of the CPSU(b) and cottages in Gagra (1935 – 1936). As pointed out by another biographer of Lavrenty Beria, the Russian historian and publicist, candidate of historical Sciences Boris Sokolov, in the savings Bank arrested Marshall in 1953, was 363 thousand rubles.

What, how much, and who owned

according to Boris Sokolov, the legality of the origin of the savings Beria does not cause the salary he had as Chairman of the Council of Ministers, was 8 thousand, plus a 20-strong charge. In addition, Beria was twice awarded the Stalin prize (150 and 100 thousand rubles) as project Manager for the development of the atomic and hydrogen bombs. For comparison: according to the Russian state archive of economy in April 1953, the Soviet Union woolen winter coat cost 732 rubles, and a pair of men’s boots at leather sole – 202 rubles.

Sergo Beria, refuting the rumors about the infinite riches of the father, wrote in his memoirs: “when the authors of these fabrications talking about the many onsobakah Marshall and his luxurious fleet of vehicles, they forget an important detail: this property Lavrenty Beria belonged to – it was a state property that can’t be sold, donate or leave a legacy”.

According to Beria’s son, no foreign suits “pret-a-Porte” the Marshal ordered and did not wear, he sewed tailor Furman, and it was a baggy kind of Frenchy, which is noticeable in all the photos. Sergo himself, in his memoirs, a child wore the same pants, because the second he simply did not have.

As he wrote Sergo Beria, Stalin personally has twice improved the living conditions of the family of Beriah – the first time he visited them in the House on the embankment. The apartment is the Secretary General to show the “anthill”. Stalin invited Beria moving to the Kremlin, and when the wife of Marshal Nina Gegechkori refused, ordered to pick up the family mansion. The second case was associated with Beria’s dacha in the village of Ilyinskoe – Stalin during a visit there said that he was “in the link to better living”. As a result, the family Beria moved to another place were cottages Kaganovich and Ordzhonikidze.

Sergo Beria pointed out that his family to the luxury of never tried. The defendant Marshall in 1953, denied an ax to grind, which he, according to the investigation, allegedly persecuted as an enemy of the people. The verdict of the Special bench of the Supreme Court of the USSR States that the property, personally owned by Lavrenty Beria, shall be confiscated. However, so far none of the historians published an inventory of the property. Therefore, hypothesis biographers shot the Marshal about his well-being is largely based on subjective estimates and assumptions.

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