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History 20/02/20 How much money was Hitler actually

Hitler, despite the seeming austerity, was a fabulously rich man. It was not only huge accounts, but by the state, invested in real estate and works of art. What is the fate of the enormous inheritance of the Fuehrer?

well-off citizen

To his well-being, Hitler was for many years, and got it to him in different ways. The first serious money the future leader of Germany was to make speeches at the meetings of the NSDAP. For each impassioned speech he demanded from 200 to 250 stamps. Given the intensity of the performances, in the month of the young orator could count on an amount equal to the salary of a Bank Manager. The party was generously paid for Hitler and the publication of his articles in the newspaper “people’s observer” (Volkischer Beobachter).

By 1921, Hitler was able to capitalize on the luxury car brand Selve, he later acquired a representational “Mercedes” cost of 26 million Reichsmarks. The questions of tax authorities, where the member of the regional party funds for such expensive cars, Hitler replied: “Money borrowed, transportation party and he needs only to work”.

In the second half of the 1920s Hitler had new sources of income in the form of donations to the needs of the party, both from individuals and from large firms. One of the sponsors of the leader of the Nazi party was an American entrepreneur, Henry Ford. Hitler, who had never seen the difference between party funds and his own wallet, in charge of all the funds at its discretion.

In 1929, Hitler could afford to rent an apartment with an area of 320 square meters in one of the most exclusive areas of Munich. Per year the content of such apartments at a cost of 4200 marks – this approximately corresponds to the annual salary of a German Professor. Its status as Hitler was supported and expensive clothes. So, in 1932 he orderingal yourself some vests, the value of each of which exceeded by modern standards, 3 thousand euros.

As growing

Written by Hitler during his imprisonment, the work Mein Kampf (1923-1924) after joining the NSDAP in 1933 to power began to disperse millions of copies. According to historians, selling countless copies of this book have brought to the Fuhrer, at least 8 million Reichsmarks.

in Addition to the proceeds from sales of Mein Kampf, Hitler could count on a fee of 1 million REICHSMARK for the publication of his autobiography, as well as on the considerable royalties from the sale of stamps and photos with his image. On this background the salary of the Fuhrer in 44 thousand marks, which is 300 times the size of the average wage of the German worker, looked a doddle.

In 1935, the litigation ended Hitler with the tax authorities. The debt of the Fuehrer, at that time reached 405 494 REICHSMARK (in today’s money – 10.5 million dollars) has been completely written off. Hitler became the first and only citizen of the Third Reich, exempt from taxes.

And still the most important source of financial well-being of Hitler remained the party’s money. Except for the Fuhrer, these funds could dispose only the head of the Party Chancellery Martin Bormann. To establish the exact amount of money deposited into party funds, no one has managed however according to conservative estimates by 1944 there were no less than 700 million Reichsmarks.

In the midst of the Second world war Hitler of course was the richest man in the world that clearly did not fit into the German media created the image of a modest and close to the people leader. About the financial abilities of Hitler can testify at least the fact that the maintenance of the residence Berghof Yugoslav with a staff of several thousand people he paid from his own funds.

the Fate of inheritance

unfortunately, the fate of the enormous legacy of Hitler is not entirely known. Most of it has sunk into Oblivion. Swiss Bank failed to detect only the amount the equivalent of 330 million American dollars. In addition, the publishing house “Franz Eher” on the preservation lay about 7 million marks earned in Mein Kampf. Great value represented works of art in the collection of Hitler, among them, only the paintings was about 8 thousand.

After the war, a significant part of the collection of the Fuhrer were given to museums, some pieces of it returned to their rightful owners. With regard to the Swiss accounts of the Fuhrer, the decision of the court the money was withdrawn in favor of Germany.

In October 1959, sister of Adolf Hitler, Paula, and two children of another sister of the deceased Angels, was recognized as his legal heirs. However, the issue of payments being delayed. The thing is that in his will, drawn up by Hitler in 1938, it was said: “All my possessions I leave the party. If not, then the state”. About the heirs, it said the following: “Please provide a modest simple life my sister, other relatives and loyal associates.”

However, in 1960, a Munich court awarded Paula two thirds of the territory of the former residence of Hitler’s Kehlsteinhaus (eagle’s nest) in the Bavarian Alps, one-third moved to other relatives. Later eagle’s nest passed into the hands of the German authorities, it now houses a Museum.

But this is only a small part of the possible States of the head of the Third Reich. It is not excluded that all that was owned by Hitler, eventually went to Germany. And only well-known German management reasons, the total amount of state Hitler – his inheritance in monetary terms – were not disclosed.

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