How many times Brezhnev could have died in the great Patriotic war

Biography 22/12/19 How many times Brezhnev could have died in the great Patriotic war

During the great Patriotic war, Leonid Brezhnev went from Brigadier General to Commissioner. Although Brezhnev was not fought on the front lines, and was a political Commissar, the life of the future General Secretary was often in danger. Several such cases are known thanks to the autobiographical novel “Small earth”.

“got Used to the shelling,”

of Course, the ability to Brezhnev “mentally” talk to the soldiers – not the same thing as to lead the military operations and personally lead men into battle. However, during the visits on the beachhead of a Small land in the suburb of Novorossiysk Brezhnev, by his own admission, “got used” to the attacks. Piece of land with an area of 28 square kilometers, the Red Army held 225 days. During this time Brezhnev as head of the political Department of the 18th landing army, 40 times visited the soldiers defending the conquered beachhead from the Germans.

the Explosion on the seiner

17 APR 1943 the boat on which the future head of state once again crossed on the shore of Tsemess Bay, stumbled upon a mine. The explosion of Brezhnev, along with the pilot, who was standing nearby was thrown into the air.

“I felt no pain, said the Secretary General. – The death is not thought, that’s for sure. The spectacle of death in all its guises, I was no longer a novelty, and although you can get used to it a normal person can not, war makes us constantly to consider the possibility for yourself.”

If the instructor fell from a height onto the deck of the seiner, perhaps, the history of the Soviet Union would not know the era of the “Brezhnev stagnation”. However, as it was hoped Brezhnev, he fell in the water and ability to swim were able to hold out until the approach of the motorboat.

Not the interrupted report

On the little earth the intensity of the German attacks was extremely high. On the pages of the memoirs, Brezhnev gives an example. One day, when he held a party in the open air, in the middle tothe treasure behind and in front of the assembled shells fell.

“the Third projectile as said on the front, was our wrote to Brezhnev. – Here I gave the order:

– Stand up! Left to hollow three-hundred-meter run March.”

As it turned out, the hunch was the instructor. Third shell actually exploded there, where a moment ago there were people.

a Bomb in the dugout

another time, Brezhnev was on the verge of death during the liberation of the black sea coast of Kuban. Together with the head of the political Department of the 83rd marine brigade, K. Lukin, and a pair of people he went up into the enemy dugout to shelter from the heat. Heard inside the quiet chirping, Brezhnev knew immediately that this is a time bomb. He managed to get out of the dugout and lie down. Less fortunate instructor Lukin, who was killed in the blast.


Another threat to Brezhnev’s episode took place in Ukraine, near the village Kolonschyna, on the night of 12 December 1943. Learn about the breakthrough of the Germans, the Colonel went to the front. Noticed one of the trenches free machine gun, Brezhnev personally took it.

“the Whole world for me then narrowed to a narrow strip of land, which fled the Nazis, he remembered. I don’t remember how long it lasted. Only one thought possessed my whole being: stop! I don’t think I heard the roar of battle, heard the noise of the teams coming next. Noticed it only at some point that fall, and those enemies that I didn’t trigger: it is fired to the rescue for us soldiers”.

Brezhnev shot until then, until it was replaced by the gunner.

Note that this snippet from “little earth” has provoked the most questions from readers. According to the candidate of historical Sciences Alexey Popov, the episode with the machine gun “for its shape too resembled the plot of a Hollywood blockbuster”.

“Brezhnev wasn’t there!”

Together with the 18th army Colonel Brezhnev was the Caucasus, the Carpathians, Poland, Hungary, Romania and Czechoslovakia. Probably about many aspects of his military career he never storyal. It remains unclear, for example, under what circumstances Brezhnev was wounded in the jaw, which connected the deterioration of the speech of the Secretary General in late years.

meanwhile, many Soviet citizens were skeptical of formed in 1960-70-ies of the military cult of the “indomitable Commissioner of Brezhnev”. First, from the widespread replication of “the little land” (excerpts from which were studied even first-graders) exuded adulation. Second, the book has little in keeping with the appearance mumbled the old man, which has become Brezhnev.

in 2000 years of military doctor Rachmiel Sitnicki who took part in the fighting at Malaya Zemlya, in an interview, categorically denied the fact that the bridgehead visited Brezhnev. In his opinion, this whole Saga was only “a tale to delight the leader of the Communist party” that “court” writers are created based on real stories of soldiers.

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