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Biography 21/01/20 tvc.heskolko “secret” wives was Konstantin Chernenko

Until now, most official biographies Konstantin Chernenko indicated only two of his marriage. However, there is information about what the “strange” the Secretary General had a lot more wives. And children Chernenko was not five. Leonid Mlechin, author of “Dynasties, clans and families in Russia. From Lenin to Putin,” has noticed excessive activity on the personal front, nearly cost Chernenko’s career.

the First wife is cheating

according to Alexander Ostrovsky’s book, “Who put Gorbachev?”, the first wife of Konstantin Chernenko was Faina V. Eliseeva, an agronomist by training. Eliseev had Chernenko’s son albert and daughter Lydia. Despite having children, the marriage quickly disintegrated, and the fault of Konstantin Ustinovich. In 1941 he was appointed Secretary of the Krasnoyarsk regional Committee of the party. During the great Patriotic war Chernenko is not sent to the front, and in Moscow, the higher school of partorganizatsii of the CPSU Central Committee. In August 1944, in one of his trips Konstantin Ustinovich met his second wife.

a novel 33-year-old Chernenko 31-year-old Anna Dmitrievna Lyubimova, a member of the party Committee of the people’s Commissariat of workpieces, developed rapidly. According to Lyubimova, their meetings continued even after the return to the capital. However, less than three months from the date of their first meeting as lovers decided to register their relationship. According to Ostrovsky, if deceived Faina V. would not agree to give her husband a divorce, most likely, would have been a scandal, and career Chernenko on this would have ended. But, apparently, Eliseeva didn’t mind, because parting with Faina, of course, which had two minor children, no consequences for Konstantin Ustinovich had. At least at that moment.

Second wife, and having Affairs

Despite what Anna D. is, in essence, was the so-called a home wrecker, colleagues Chernenko spoke about it only positively. So, Egor Ligachev in his book “Who betrayed the Soviet Union” characterizes her as a woman not only humble and kind, but also courageous. Ligachev argues that in the period of illness Konstantin Ustinovich his wife, realizing that the days of Secretary General are numbered, remained undaunted and did not give away his anxiety. Anna Dmitrievna, who, incidentally, had Chernenko three children: Vladimir, Vera and Elena, Konstantin Ustinovich lived until his death, more than forty years.

Unknown defend Chernenko once, his last wife, but there is reliable information that in his youth the “strange” the Secretary General was not able to control myself at the sight of female charms. He writes about this in his book “the Most private people” and Nikolay Zenkovich. And Victor Piatnitski, the author of the book “Love stories of the rulers of the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union”, noted that one of the characteristics Chernenko stated: “Greedy for women.” Complained about Konstantin Ustinovich and General Dmitry Shepilov. Once he reported to the Secretary of the Central Committee Suslov: “Comrade Chernenko, converging with other women, threw their wives with children.”

3 the wife

thanks to such “reviews” Konstantin Chernenko was transferred to work in Moscow as planned, and in Chisinau. However, this turn was for Chernenko happy. In Moldova, he gained the location of the future General Secretary Leonid Brezhnev, who played not the last role in the career of Konstantin Ustinovich. However, then Chernenko certainly took a “link” in Chisinau as a punishment, and rightly so. The fact that the words of Dmitry Shepilov was based not on his personal observations or hearsay.

If you believe Leonid Mlechin, in 1948, in the name Shepilov, then Deputy head of the Department of propaganda and agitation, received a letter from some of Nina Vasilievna, Kushner. Kushner told Shepilova about all the wives Chernenko towhich was listed (except for Faina Eliseeva and last wife): she, Nina, her namesake, as well as doctor Maria Levin. According to the author of the letter, they Chernenko the baby died, then her husband left her in serious condition. Left Konstantin Ustinovich and Levin, who had already raised their child. In connection with the message Kushner against Chernenko was verified, and, according to Mlechin, all the above facts have been confirmed.

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