How many rounds in the war is spent on it to hit one enemy soldier

Weapons 12/12/19 How many rounds in the war is spent on it to hit one enemy soldier

Often in war movies you can see how the soldiers of the enemy without looking eager for the fight, while ruthless bullet literally mow Braves. The absence of fear in these shots, if only we are not talking about professional soldiers and special forces soldiers, can be explained only by the invention of the Director. In reality, soldiers are not always eager to kill strangers and, perhaps, of innocent people and certainly not run to death headlong.

during the Second world war, researchers found that only 20 percent of men, entered the service at the call of the Motherland, was able without any hesitation to open fire on the enemy. The rest of it was done reluctantly, often only in the presence of a superior officer. And is it any wonder that for a real soldier of the past is that the course of the young fighter, trench or woods can be dearer to the open field? Probably not. Here are all these quite understandable from a human point of view things decrease the effectiveness of the fight: after all, to get to the target, who is hiding behind a tree, much harder, especially if your hands are shaking and I want to close my eyes.

One in a million

Experts even today agree that to destroy one enemy soldier – what is important: in a real war, and not part of the RAID — you need to spend more than one thousand rounds. During the First world war (1914-1918..) for hitting was missing an average of seven thousand rounds. During the Second world war (1939-1945..) allied soldiers were spending about 25 thousand rounds on average.

As noted by journalist Alexei Ardashev, in his book “Sniper war”, the situation is not fundamentally changed even with the development of weapons: parallel precision rifles grew their rate of fire and, as a consequence, uvelichivalasü the probability of shots into the void.

“Man is hard to kill on the battlefield. Paradox? No, the reality is, based on the experience of the wars. Here is just one example: if you defeat one enemy soldier is usually a soldier consumes about 10 thousand rounds (and in some cases, 25 thousand and 500 thousand…), the sniper enough to one shot (more precisely, according to statistics is 1.3 – 1.5 bullets). And the situation has not changed,” he writes.

the Data do confirm the lack of progress in shooting efficiency with improved technology. In the Korean war (1950-1953) the UN troops were doing 50 thousand shots to destroy one enemy. In Vietnam (1965 – 1973..) American soldiers spent 200 thousand rounds. The Soviet in Afghanistan (1979 – 1989 gg..) – according to one 50 thousand, according to others – all 250 thousand.

Hit or not hit is not a problem of statistics

it Seems that such data – something from the category of fiction. However, on the one hand, you need to understand that such calculations are carried out in a rather sloppy form: quantity delivered to the troops ammo just divide by the number of dead and get the average.

for Example, according to the reference book “Artillery supply in the great Patriotic war” in 1942, the Soviet troops were delivered approximately three billion rifle cartridges. The loss of the Wehrmacht in the same year amounted to nearly 507 thousand people – it turns out that each victim had spent about six thousand rounds. In 1943 the figure is slightly closer to the average: in the Red army placed seven billion of rifle, pistol and revolver cartridges, and the loss amounted to slightly more than 700 thousand people – the total is already ten thousand one killed.

This technique, of course, does not account for the shells, lost, damaged, captured or in any other way misused. However, the inaccuracy of the estimates to decommission the “squandering” of the soldiers, of course, impossible.

the great importance played by the conditions, in which fighters have to fight. The most “expensive” in terms of the number of rounds expended for each person killed, the wars in Korea and Vietnam were fought in the impenetrable jungles of Asia, in Afghanistan, in mountainous terrain, which also had plenty of natural cover, and the fire was mostly from a distance. Keep accurate, aimed fire in such circumstances, the shooting is hard – it is easier to shoot at the enemy, hoping for good luck.

everything else, again, not all fighters, as was shown by studies, sought to hit the target. So, the experts at the end of the Vietnam war found that only 10 percent of American soldiers were aimed fire. And this despite the fact that the military command of the USA in that conflict managed to increase the share of shooting, not simulating combat, military personnel up to 95 percent.

All these factors together lead to a rather sad statistics. However, it is hoped that with time she will change – at best, the real war will come to naught in the worst – will fight only specially trained professionals.

Ivan Resepi

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Yes, more nonsense I have not read where the author took this nonsense? Of course, what the soldiers want to fight, but if he doesn’t kill kill him, and he knows it and will shoot. Mercenary is another path, there is money, but life too.Another issue is that in the first fight in untried units shoot Maximm 2-3 out of ten, but aiming to do one. But this is the first battle, then the picture changes.
Ammo 5. 45×39 in zinc Packed in a boom. packs of 36 PCs. in a pack of 30 rounds, it turns out only in zinc 1080 rounds . … Total weight 1 zinc cartridges is 12 kg. For reference : in the 1st box there are 2 of zinc, thus the machine lorry can take 500-600 boxes high, but they will not fit. And 2080х500=1040000 PCs That is five Germans.How much do you need boxes then put in the trench for one squad(of a company etc.), who will be dragging in the offensive? And Eze shells and other calibers. The author heard the sound but did not understand where he is.And historically, we recall, was shot to the last cartridge, ammunition is not enough.Though the math teach.

Reply ↓14.12.2019 at 08:49 Sergei Ivanovich Stories writes:

Another question, if all the quantity of ammunition of all parties(satellites, allies, enemies, etc.), divided by all the number of deaths, that’s different, but it will not be statistics and nonsense. This will include ammunition from sunken ships, the crew, and many billions of dollars in supplies, destroyed trains, blown up and bombed-out warehouses from the commander to the army and the front rank. Burned-out tanks and other equipment, broken wagons, and so on. But it’s total military costs of the war, and divide them by the number of dead and wounded idiocy.

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