How many nuclear weapons lost during the Cold war

History 26/12/19 How many nuclear weapons lost during the Cold war

During the cold war the arms race has reached such a pitch that in the process of transportation of nuclear bombs and testing of submarines and bombers, countries with nuclear weapons, has managed… to lose at least 92 nuclear warheads. Most of them were dumped into the ocean due to emergency situations, but there have been occasions when nuclear bombs were dropped from airplanes in the desert, and sometimes they even exploded or collapsed, infecting all around weapon-grade plutonium.

In the US army for a similar situation appeared a special term – Broken Arrow (Broken arrow).

the Americans “nachudili”

the First known incident of a nuclear bomb occurred in February 1950, when the military base of the us, Alsen (AK) during full-scale exercises on nuclear strikes against the USSR flew the bomber B-36, on Board of which was a bomb. Plutonium from it was removed for security purposes, as the teachings were held over San Francisco, but the bomb was the uranium and 5000 pounds of explosives. Just off the coast of Canada, the plane began to ice up, he refused three engines of five, and he was forced to drop the bomb into the ocean. It is known that the explosives detonated when the bomb touch the water, witnesses on the shore saw a bright flash, but the contamination of the waters of the Pacific ocean off the coast of Canada were reported.

the Next incident was more serious — the United States lost two nuclear bombs. They were on Board a military aircraft B-47, which according to official reports in March 1956, “lost off the coast of Algeria.” Since neither the charges, nor about the aircraft nothing was heard.

in the Hot summer of 1957 in hundred miles from the American city of Atlantic city, ocean distress transport aircraft C-124 was dropped two atomic bombs. Could be worse – on Board a transport companyIKA was still one bomb and the charge for making the fourth. After a reset, the threat of “ballast” crew managed to cope with the situation and safely seated.

the Following incident did not keep itself waiting – it happened six months later, in early 1958 off the coast of Georgia (USA) where in the sky over the Savannah, the two aircraft collided. Attack aircraft F-86 accidentally touched the large aircraft B-47, which was carrying a thermonuclear bomb with a capacity of 1.7 megatons – about 80 nuclear warheads dropped on Hiroshima. The damaged bomber dropped the bomb into the Atlantic, where it is still situated.

in the Winter 1961 issue happened in the fuel system of the plane B-62 (USA), which was carrying two nuclear bombs. The sea was far away and so the pilots got permission to dump them in the desert over North Carolina. One military easily found on the opened parachute. It did not explode by accident: tripped one fuse out of seven. Second (as suggested) landed somewhere in the swamp and drowned. She lies there now, no one has found.

In early December of 1965 off the coast of Okinawa from the deck of a U.S. aircraft carrier and fell into the water and sank the aircraft A-4 Skyhawk. On Board was a bomb capacity of megaton. It is known that the aircraft lies at a depth of five kilometers.

the Disaster in Spain and over Greenland

a Serious disaster happened in January of 1966 over Spain. In the sky above the small town of Palomares heavy bomber of the U.S. B-52G reserve tanker KC-135. As a result, the bomber had to drop four nuclear bombs, three of them fell to the ground and one in the ocean. Moreover, two bombs fell near the village, collapsed, there was a partial contamination of the territory of plutonium.

in the Winter of 1968 on the American base of Thule (Greenland), there was another major disaster: the heavy American bomber B-52G broke out in the air and fell into the Bay of the North star. He punched through the thick ice and went under water together in a fusion bombs that were on Board. How many actually bombs was lost, the public does not know until now. The US air force insists on 11 charges, while the conspiracy count is not less than 50.

the Americans had to perform an operation on decontamination found on the site of the crash of plutonium, uranium, tritium and americium and to remove contaminated ice. It has been estimated that just ice scattered about 7.5 kilograms of plutonium. Summer to search for bombs were filled submersible Star III, however, the search was not successful. All the nuclear weapons left on the bottom of the Bay.

These incidents caused a diplomatic scandal, after which the US was forced to stop flying curb nuclear bombs aircraft over the territory of Europe and near it.

In may 1968 in the North Atlantic went to the bottom is equipped with two ballistic missiles the us submarine Scorpion. She was found, but is still at a depth of 3,000 meters near the Azores.

the Soviet Union is also “distinguished”

in the Spring of 1968 in the Pacific ocean, near midway Atoll due to a collision with an American submarine sunk our submarine K-129, on Board of which there were three nuclear missile R-21 and several nuclear torpedoes. The crew was killed. The Americans tried to raise the rocket, but nothing happened – the rockets and lie at depth.

in the Spring of 1970 because of a fire in the Bay of Biscay sank the Soviet nuclear submarine K-9, on Board of which were six nuclear torpedoes. About this tragic situation, filmed and wrote extensively in the Newspapers.

According to some, in 1976 off the coast of Sakhalin island fell into the ocean strategic bomber Tu-95 that carried the two atomic bombs.

In 1986 near Bermuda sank the strategic submarine K-219 at the bottom of the Atlantic were 16 nuclear missiles R-27У with a total capacity of 9 600 kilotons.

And three years later there was a tragic fire on the submarine K-278 “Komsomolets”, andATA whose boat sank in the Norwegian sea and was lost two torpedoes with nuclear warheads. The boat is still resting at a depth of 1 858 meters.

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