How many banks are robbed Grigory Kotovsky

Biography 14/12/19 How many banks are robbed Grigory Kotovsky

Grigory Kotovsky — commander of the red Army, a cavalryman, an active participant in the Civil War, the fight against Nestor Makhno and the members of the Tambov Uprising. For merits before the Soviet power was awarded three orders of the red banner and the honorary revolutionary weapon. However, not everyone knows about the difficult past of the legendary red army. Moreover, to the mysterious death Kotovsky could lend a hand representatives of the criminal world.

wild youth

Grigory was born in 1881 near Kishinev in the Russian-Polish family. After the death of his parents, family friends helped him to enroll in agricultural school, where he entered the circle of SRS. After graduation Kotovsky wanders in Bessarabia, doing petty crimes, which some times goes to prison. After the outbreak of the Russo-Japanese war, evaded the draft, for which as penal was in an infantry regiment near Zhitomir.

the Robbery

Soon Kotovsky escaped from army and in 1905 organized the insurgent group, famous for the attack on the landlords ‘ estates. After his arrest, he spent seven years serving his sentence in different prisons, and finally escaped from the region of Moldova. In 1915, after several raids on small office Kotovsk made resonant Bank robbery of the Treasury in Bendery. The police are on his trail, after which the court issued his death warrant.

emergency service

a Felon has made his departure for the front in exchange for a stay of execution. In October 1917 he was awarded the George cross for bravery. After the political Amnesty of the Provisional government, ensign Kotovsky becomes part of the left SRS 6-th army. With the coming to power of the Bolsheviks to help them and enjoys great trust.


elements In 1918-1920 Kotovsky activeabout participates in the work of the underground and the establishment of Soviet power in Odessa, actively collaborating with the anarchists and the famous gangster Mishka Yaponchik. According to one version, in April of 1919, when there was a threat of capture of the city by the White army and interventionists Kotovsky took all the money from the Central Bank. With the participation of Kotovsk were soon organized the 54th Soviet revolutionary regiment, consisting of criminal elements and militants-anarchists, who went to fight with Simon Petlyura. The regiment was headed by a jap. When the bandits tried to jump and tried to go back to Odessa, taking the train, was almost completely killed by the red army.

the Mystery of the death

It was revenge for the shooting of the shelf jap named as the main motive of murder of the commander. According to the official August 6, 1925, the security chief sugar factory Meyer Zager close familiar with Kotovskogo, shot him near the house on the black sea coast. Many researchers believe that the real performers and customers remained in the shadows. By the way, even the wife of Grigory Ivanovich considered Saidera only witness held up. He stayed in prison only three years, and in 1930 he was killed by colleagues Kotovsk.

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