How Hitler planned to free the prisoners of the Gulag

History 27/12/19 As Hitler planned to free the prisoners of the Gulag

Although the theme of intelligence and including all that relates to intelligence and counterintelligence activities of the Third Reich is very popular, most of the wide audience it is easy to get confused. For example, few people know that during the great Patriotic war organisation with the beautiful name “Zeppelin” was planning to organize an uprising in the Gulag.

the Organization “Zeppelin”

the Organization “Zeppelin” (Unternehmen Zeppelin) directly subordinated to the VI management of the Main Department of Reich security (RSHA), responsible for intelligence abroad, better known by the acronym SS SD.

in the Spring of 1942, it became clear that to win over the Soviet Union is still very far away and it is necessary not only to fight with the red army at the front, but also to strike in the rear.

the organization was initially posed three main challenges: maintaining a political intelligence, carrying out sabotage and terrorist attacks, the creation of anti-Soviet and nationalist sentiments and the expansion of the population in the rear. Most of the work on Soviet territory was planned to be done by prisoners of war who had agreed to serve the Third Reich.

One of the first Russian employees of “Zeppelin” was the brigade commander Bessonov.

the brigade commander Bessonov

Ivan G. Bessonova biography of the typical worker of the NKVD, successfully advancing through the ranks: he participated in the fighting — repressed the Uighurs in Eastern Turkestan Islamic Republic was awarded.

In 1939 he became head of Department of combat training of the Main Directorate of Border Troops of the NKVD of the USSR. Here in his biography appeared a white spot: according to some authors, he refused to go to the Finnish front, for which he was punished. In fact, this point was another Shoe in the structures of the NKVD, was shot by Deputy people’s Commissar M. P. frunovski, which Bessonov had been very close. But somehow he survived and only took command of the Transbaikal border district.

during the beginning of the war before the deployment of the red army Ivan G. was transferred to the red army to the position of chief of staff of the 102nd infantry division. It was in April 1941, and in August, the division was encircled, Bessonov got into captivity and agreed to cooperate with the Germans.

In captivity, he helped to develop a method of combating partisans by a false guerrilla units. To create these units was planned from prisoners of war recruited in the camps.

But the most interesting project was proposed by Bessonov, was to use the prisoners of the Gulag.

a Rebellion in the Gulag

evidence of Bessonova on interrogations after the war, gives in his book “1-St Russian brigade SS “the Squad” Dmitry Zhukov. It turns out, had developed an ambitious plan of release deep in the Soviet rear of the troops, numbering up to 50 000 people. It was about the landing of combat groups of a few dozen people, well trained and well armed.

it was Planned that they would attack the camp, destroying the guards and release the prisoners. After that, armed groups of prisoners, the nucleus of which will be amphibious group, deployed with insurgent activity and begin to release from the Soviet regime, large areas in the Soviet rear.

These actions are planned to deploy in the vast territory, divided into three zones: the Northern — district of the Northern Dvina river, Central district — Pechora, East of the Ob river to the Yenisei river.

To be dropped in the Soviet rear was planned to use the aircraft Special intelligence group Rovela, later renamed the 100th reconnaissance unit (Aufklärungsgruppe 100). But the transport capabilities of the group was quite small, in the best case she could then forward to the rear three or four dozen terrorists. Apparently, it was planned to use other methods of delivery. Including withUsha and sea.

recruited in the camps of the red army began to form airborne brigade. First and foremost considered and the direction that was to lead former red army Colonel M. A. Meanders. To parachute group was planned in the Republic of Komi: Syktyvkar, Vorkuta, and so In 1942 the district was not less than 200 thousand prisoners. However, the project is not implemented. The Germans did not trust Bessonov and sent him to a concentration camp. After the war Bessonov fell to the Americans, they gave it to the USSR, where he was shot.

during the war a small enemy troops landed in the Komi Republic and other Northern areas. But all of these groups were destroyed immediately after landing and to attack the camp, they did not.

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