How he fought Hitler, the red Army in the Great Patriotic

History 28/01/20 How he fought Hitler, the red Army in the Great Patriotic

the Name “Hitler” after the beginning of the great Patriotic war in the Russian language began to sound like a swear word. Meanwhile, in the USSR lived many namesakes of the German Fuhrer.

According to open source databases “memorial” and “memory of the nation”, the Red Army got at least two Hitlers. One can only wonder what kind of ridicule and abuse by colleagues they had to face.

the Irony of etymology

according to the researchers, the coincidence of one of the Jewish names common in Eastern Europe, with the name of “the chief anti-Semite” arose only in Russian transcription, do not distinguish explosive and fricative sound “G”. The surname Hitler, according to German experts in onomastics, comes either from mistakenly recorded words Hütler (translated as “the caretaker”, such a name could be given, for example, Forester), or from “Hiedl” (South German dialect word for an underground spring). The roots of Jewish surnames, as stated on the website of the Israeli organization “Toldot Yeshurun”, back to the hypocoristic form Gicle on behalf of Gita (Yiddish for “good, kind”).

the Heroic “comrade Hitler”

From the Soviet namesakes commander of the Third Reich the most famous Semyon Konstantinovich Hitler, received the medal “For courage”. In 1941, the native of the city Orynyn then Kamenetz-Podolsk region of Ukraine was 19 years old. In the red Army, the Komsomol was 1940.

In August 1941, the gunner of the Tiraspol fortified by the Nazis defended Odessa region. As specified in the award sheet, “as a gunner the machine gun, comrade Hitler for 8 days continuously destroying their well-aimed fire hundreds of opponents”. Soldier did not panic even when his rifle platoon was scattered and he was surrounded by. Hitler shot the enemies to until ran out of ammunition, and then managed to break through to her, breaking the crawling 10 miles and not losing the gun. Commanders praised his “exceptional composure and resilience.” However, it is noteworthy that in the list awarded to the fighter appears as “Gitl”. Perhaps the last letter in the staff replaced, so as not to attract the attention of other soldiers to a man with such an odious name.

July 3, 1942, Semyon Hitler died in Sevastopol. His family after the war officially changed the name to “Gitl” and moved to Israel. According to family legend, the German occupiers did not shoot them in Orynyn thanks name.

the Mysterious “Khas. T”

Much less information left in the history of the red army, which is written down as “Khas. So Hitler”. It is known that a young man born in 1927 fell on a military transit point in the 10th reserve infantry regiment of the 1st reserve infantry division. June 19, 1944, he was eliminated in the location of the Kiev regional military Commissariat. It is possible that another man by the name of Hitler in the red Army were not needed, and as the war came to an end, he quietly sent home. To interpret the initials of the fighter is quite difficult. Ashkenazi Jews, immigrants from the Ukraine, met name Hassan. In modern Israel there are carriers named Hasan, but mainly from the Muslim regions of the former USSR.

Other Hitlers

the Network you can also come across incorrect information about the fact that the Soviet army fought a Rubin Hitler. This man, trapped in the base of the “memory of the nation”, is truly a victim of the Third Reich, however, the red army, he was not. At the time of death of 40-year-old native of the Polish city of będzin was kept in a pow camp in Bavaria. However, in the Soviet Union Hitler also met in the lists of the prisoners of the camps and of the deportees. For example, in 1943, died in Collage German-trademeet, Henry Davidovich Hitler. German, Anna Osipovna GitlR, from Astrakhan was in 1941, exiled to special settlements in Kazakhstan. But Anna Borukhova Hitler, a Jew-a refugee from the city, exiled to the Vologda oblast in 1940, with the beginning of the great Patriotic war, on the contrary, fell under an Amnesty.

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