How forbidden under the slogan of fighting the red army in the battle of Moscow

Weapons 24/01/20 what a taboo slogan fought the red army in the battle of Moscow

the war using every available weapon, regardless of its origin, especially in critical situations. Such as the battle of Moscow in the Great Patriotic war.

warehouse – the battle!

for Example, formed units of the national militia was armed not only captured Finnish, Polish, French or English arms, but even with rifles, captured by the Imperial Russian army from the enemy during the Russo-Japanese war. The situation was the same with the regular units. For example, in the famous photo from the parade on red square November 7, 1941, the clearly visible British machine guns, “Lewis” during the Civil war, which are on the shoulders of soldiers of the red army.

In the defense of Moscow was actively involved Soviet cavalry, which issued from the warehouses of the swords with the inscription “For Faith, Tsar and Fatherland”. In the stories about this episode usually involve Stalin and Budyonny. Stalin – the Supreme commander, and Semyon Mikhailovich – a legendary hero of the Civil war, in 1937 the commander of the Moscow military district, from August 1940 – 1 St Deputy Commissar of defense of the USSR, member of the Supreme command. So indicates the candidate of historical Sciences, the employee of Institute of Slavic studies Russian Academy of Sciences Andrei Ganin.

So, like Budyonny reported to Stalin that the new swords are missing and cavalry armed with old, with the same inscription. Stalin wondered if these swords to behead the Germans, and on hearing the affirmative answer, has permitted the use, despite the “old regime” slogan.

the Episode actually took place, but to Budyonny is irrelevant. In the memoirs of Marshal of artillery, the chief of the Main artillery Directorate Nikolai Yakovlev story is described as follows. One of the regional committees of the CPSU(b) sent Stalin a telegram that the army in September 1941 with oneof artillery stores received the sword with the inscription “For Faith, Tsar and Fatherland”. Warehouses GAU kept a lot of bladed weapons of the Russian Imperial army, but the inscription was etched. There were some third-rate warehouse, where time has not spent the required operation over the blades.

Yakovlev of having a copy of the telegram, reported to Stalin about the situation, stressing that saber combat and are quite suitable for use in battle. Yakovlev as head of GAU, from stock that were “politically incorrect” weapons, with the guilt itself is not removed. Stalin wondered if these swords to cut the enemy. After receiving confirmation, smiled, waved his hand: “even cut “For Faith, Tsar and Fatherland””! And tore a telegram and told Yakovlev that he was not paying attention to the incident.

“We are the red cavalry…”

it would Seem, why in the age of armor and engines such attention to the cavalry? The fact is that cavalry in the Great Patriotic war in General and in the battle for Moscow in particular has repeatedly demonstrated his fighting qualities. According made 1 December 2018 at the Museum of Victory in the debate “Feat of cavalry in the Battle of Moscow”, the cavalry was 20-25% of the total number of troops defending the capital. The cavalry has proven its capability and efficiency: it was used on any terrain, at any time of the day using high maneuverability and striking force. Particularly distinguished cavalry division Lev Dovatora and Paul Beebe, the cavalry of the latter, for example, valiantly resisted the tanks of Guderian. All these facts shared by Timur Muminov, an expert on the history of cavalry.

In General, the cavalry near Moscow has played a significant role in both defensive and offensive phases of operation. All of the cavalry division, participated in the Battle of Moscow, received the title of guards.

Konstantin Baranovsky

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