There are some common premises on vapes which makes them work almost the same way. The battery source heats the coil, which then vaporizes the e-liquid in the atomizer.  After which, you inhale the heated vapor through the mouthpiece present in the device. Therefore these portable CBD vaping devices may have slight differences, but their general functionality is similar. The vaping device works as one system. If you are a beginner, it would be best to pick a CBD vape device that has already been assembled. Other users who have been in the vaping game for too long would prefer a la carte one, so as they can assemble it for themselves. Here is a snippet of how these devices work.

Source of Power

Most CBD vapes use batteries as their source of power. Nowadays, batteries have been modified to have some electronic features or power limitations. The advanced ones can be adjusted in watts or even regulated in temperature. However, you cannot adjust these batteries and thus, they do not require any technical knowledge of the user. However, the power levels of a vape battery determine the ease of use and the understanding of using them. For example, a low-level battery does not require much experience from the user since they have small batteries that can recharge without being removed. However, medium and high-level power batteries require some experience since the batteries are removable and can be adjusted. Thus, if it’s your first time using these devices, go for the low-power one.

Vapor Source

The vapor comes from the atomizer, also known as the vapor tank. The atomizer is a chamber that is connected to the battery. The chamber has a coil that heats the CBD oil to vapor.  When you take a hit, the coil heats the oil, which turns it to vapor or smoke. Some atomizers can hold more e-liquid than others, depending on the manufacturer. Some are simplified, while others are complex. Vape pens with pre-filled and refillable cartridges are much easier to use. However, the ones that need you to rebuild will require you to put the coil and wicks on your own, which can be too much work, especially for a beginner.

There is a wide range of atomizers, just like vape batteries. The key thing to note is that the two have to be compatible. The coils also need frequent replacement since they wear out. Of course, they do not go off like your bulbs do, you will notice they are worn out if there is a decline in flavor and vapor.

Bottom line Vaping Devices

Once you decide to start vaping or your physician recommends the same, you must learn how different vaping devices work. After that, you make your selection based on your preference and understanding. Remember to choose one that you can easily use to avoid complications and even improper use. Some devices, if used wrongly, can cause throat irritation and may not produce the expected results.