Zelzate (belgium) is In j, and the Tillouxlaan in the Zelzaatse district of Little Russia, is home tonight and heavily damaged by a fire. For the resident group (67), was not at home when the fire began, and there were no injuries.

The fire service received around a quarter past nine in the evening, the report of a fire in a Small area of Russia. The flames from the window, and when they’re on-the-spot came in. “It was at first glance unclear if there are casualties, but it soon became apparent that the resident was not at home when the fire began,” according to the fire department. There were no injuries.

The fire department had a great deal of work for them, and the fire is under control. The first floor of the house got completely destroyed, and the flames spread into the roof. My friend, the fire, the fire is under control after just over an hour to extinguish the fire. Now, to extinguish the fire, they talked. The cause of the fire is currently not yet clear.