Here are the hot topics that marked the week.

Bernard Drainville has slammed the door on the creation of a professional order for teachers, despite recent cases of violence by teachers brought to light in the media, in particular that of a first-grade teacher who shouted at his students.

Expect construction in the metro. The long interruption on the green line, in the middle of rush hour Monday due to the deterioration of the concrete in the vault of the tunnel between the Berri-UQAM and Saint-Laurent stations, is the omen of “major work” in the metro during coming years, admits the Société de transport de Montréal.

US President Joe Biden has announced that he will seek a second term in the 2024 campaign. If re-elected, he will complete his term at the age of 86. Never had a candidate asked his citizens to leave him the keys to the White House until that age.

François Legault will not apologize for breaking his election promise to build a third highway link. Citizens waiting on bridges at rush hour will have to “admit that the delay is shorter” today and that it is no longer justified to invest billions in this project, he said Tuesday.

A loss of production during a maintenance operation at the Churchill Falls power plant in Labrador left nearly half a million homes without power on Tuesday noon.

Red carpet, TV appearance, concerts, new song, album release…Three years after pleading guilty to assaulting a woman and slipping away from the big circuits, Éric Lapointe is slowly but surely returning to the spotlight in 2023 A fragile operation and not without possible pitfalls.