Here are the hot topics that marked the week.

Full recovery from the icy blackouts that plunged more than a million homes into darkness on Wednesday will take “several days,” Hydro-Quebec warned. The metropolis is “devastated”, launched Minister Pierre Fitzgibbon on Thursday.

” Not guilty. Donald Trump said no more on Tuesday during his historic appearance before a Manhattan judge. The latter had just asked him how he was pleading to the 34 counts against him for falsifying business documents concerning a payment of $ 130,000 to porn actress Stormy Daniels.

Bernard Drainville promises to send a directive prohibiting public schools in Quebec from setting up a prayer room on their premises. Students who wish to meditate, he said, can do so in silence.

François Legault will announce within “a few weeks” a new “proposal” for the highway tunnel project between Quebec and Lévis. He neither confirmed nor denied the possibility of building a tunnel dedicated exclusively to public transport, in addition to a tunnel for cars.

The Legault government has fired the CEO of the Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec, Denis Marsolais, and replaced him with Éric Ducharme, who until recently was secretary of the Treasury Board. The SAAQclic fiasco will therefore have cost Mr. Marsolais, appointed by the Legault government at the end of 2021, his position.