Whether it’s the digitization of our health patient records, our financial operations, the registration of our vehicles, the registration of our children in daycare, the high-density processing of research results, we are right in the heart of the most major technological shift since the arrival of the internet. It’s not too late to take action. These days, I feel that the tide is turning, that the right questions are being asked.

I have spent my life in the world of information technology (IT) and I can tell you with certainty that it has rarely occupied such a prominent place in the media and in the concerns of our leaders. Well Named. IT has never had such an impact on our organizations, both public and private, and on our daily lives. Our data is now in a universe, for many, elusive, and yet over which we must maintain control.

I am aware that it is not easy to grasp all the nuances, all the issues and all the tangible impacts of digital transformation and cloud computing. I can only rejoice in this growing awakening. Because yes, we must think collectively to whom we are going to entrust our data. And it’s urgent. The perpetual cybersecurity threats linked, among other things, to the geopolitical context bear witness to this. While many economists claim that “data is the new oil”, it is worth dwelling on.

Even when the servers of American actors are established on our territory, their jurisdictions prevail over ours. Hence the importance of better understanding the concept of sovereign cloud, which ensures that your data is 100% hosted on the territory concerned and that it is fully subject to the regulations and new laws in force for a few months.

10 years ago, the cloud computing journey was confirmed, but only the major global players were tackling it seriously. Convinced of the potential of Quebec know-how, I took the following bet: a local company can build a sovereign cloud and do well in this market and above all, better protect our data. I brought together world-class experts in the field, people from here, endowed with the will to accompany me in this dream, quite crazy I agree. But we got there. It is now possible to host our data on a 100% sovereign cloud on Canadian soil. Our Cirrus cloud has the highest qualifications in this field. Quebec does not have to pale in the face of competition. As an entrepreneur, but above all, as a citizen, I hope that recent awareness will increase before it is too late. Hosting and protecting our sensitive data here is possible.

Those of the citizens, of you and me. A few days ago, the Government of Quebec took a position on the need to keep health data and sensitive data under Quebec jurisdiction. This awareness was desirable and will be beneficial for our society. There is a real opportunity here to take action to avoid losing the trust of citizens with regard to the management of their data, but also to truly stand out, to grow a local business and demonstrate our international know-how. The opportunity is too good, let’s be there.