Just in time for the 70th anniversary of the British Queen’s throne, the toy manufacturer Mattel launched a Barbie in honor of Queen Elizabeth II. The stock of the department store operator John Lewis was sold out within three seconds, as the “Guardian” reports.

It is currently difficult to get one of the coveted dolls in the UK, the Barbie maker confirmed to the newspaper. But fans of the British royal family could look forward to further deliveries, it is said.

Meanwhile, the royal Barbies are reaching stately prices on the Ebay sales platform: while the retail price for a miniature queen was 95 pounds (about 112 euros), the auction platform is offering up to 300 euros for a doll of Queen Elizabeth II. More than double the original price.

The face of the anniversary Barbie is modeled on that of the British Queen. The “famous blonde hair (of the Barbie dolls) has been replaced with a severe gray hairstyle,” writes the Guardian. The tiara that crowns the doll resembles the tiara the Queen wore on her wedding day.

The British Queen celebrates her 70th anniversary on the throne in June. The celebrations are set to last several days, beginning with a parade in London. There is speculation as to how many events of the four-day celebrations the Queen will be able to attend in person.

The 96-year-old monarch recently relinquished responsibilities to family members due to health problems. Most recently, her son, Prince Charles, read the “Queen’s Speech” and opened the new session of the British House of Lords and Commons. (tsp)