Another 19/01/20 “Honey trap”: what Soviet spies seduce women

With this, old as the world, way recruited by dozens of agents all over the world received hundreds, if not thousands, of sheets of top secret documents of national importance. The most beautiful and the most famous “honey trap” in the history of foreign intelligence is considered to be Mata Hari.

“Honey trap” (in English “honey trap”) is the involvement of the victim with the necessary information (or have access to it), in close relationship with sent a woman (or man) – with the aim of obtaining valuable information, the exploration of another country. The list of officials recruited (as at home and during foreign business trips) in a similar way, can be the widest – diplomat of the Embassy to a member of the employee of the defensive enterprise. Guarantee the success of the “honey trap” – received the possibility of blackmail – threat message about the incident the family of the sinful object, or of his superiors (in the USSR such moral decline was equivalent to the collapse of the career).

As he wrote in his book “the CIA and “Perestroika” well-known figure of Soviet foreign intelligence of REM Krasilnikov, the “honey trap” in Algeria got major of the GRU, Anatoly Filatov (1978 him for treason sentenced to death but later the sentence was commuted to 15 years imprisonment), Soviet diplomat Alexander Ogorodnik (CIA Trianon, the one about whom “TASS is authorized to declare”; according to the official version, in 1977 in Moscow, he poisoned during the detention).
One of the most renowned Soviet citizens caught abroad in a “honey trap”, according to REM krassilnikov, Arkady Shevchenko, who served in the 70’s the post of Deputy Secretary General of the UN. Shevchenko worked for the CIA, and after the American intelligence had set him up with the help of a mishandled prostitute, fled to the United States for fear of exposure. Abandoned the family, his wife, Leain about the betrayal of her husband, killed himself, son, who worked in the foreign Ministry, was fired and was questioned at the KGB. Shevchenko in America drank a lot and eventually in the late 90s died from cirrhosis of the liver.

On TV channel “the Star”, a cycle of documentary films “Traitors”, in which, in particular, tells about the Soviet leaders, who had gone to the house after the “honey trap”. The most widely quoted in the media of them is Vladimir Rezun, better known for his books like Viktor Suvorov. On the solidity of the textures used in this documentary series, is the fact that these films are included in the list of videos published on the official website of the FSB of Russia.
As reported in the film, scout Rezun-Suvorov managed to recruit only in the practice of the agent, and he was turned, being a member of the British Mi-6. Rezun, say the creators of a documentary investigation (it contains monologues by veterans of the Soviet counterintelligence), although it has gone through a “honey trap”, the decision to work for the Western intelligence has taken on their own, without blackmail by foreign intelligence services.
as a result of Rezun-Suvorov decided to use as an “ideological terrorist”, writing books, full of details, allegedly proving the aggressiveness of the USSR in different periods of the Soviet Union. Rezun, the Soviet Union was sentenced to death in absentia.

In the book of Igor Atamanenko “Honey trap”: a story of betrayal” describes the history of recruitment attaché of the Soviet Embassy in Nepal, Leonid Poleshchuk and at the same time the resident counterintelligence of the USSR (1974). Poleshchuk was a Walker in the female part and a gambler. In the cultural heart of Kathmandu it is screwing the American Sally graves, at that time already 9 years he was a staff employee of the CIA. The money to spend carefree time with a new lover Polishchuk decided to get playing in a casino. After losing, he went to the cashier station, even sold the camera and the camera “Zenit”. As a result, all ended in the proposal to cooperate with the CIA on that Polishchuk agreed. In the 80-ies it was opened and upon conviction executed in the Soviet Union.

veterans of the Soviet counterintelligence Peretrukhin, Igor and Stanislav Lekarev told “Nezavisimaya Gazeta” about the recruitment through the “honey trap” famous “Trianon” – Alexander Gardener. The relationship of the Gardener with the diplomat and employee of Columbia University Pilar Suarez was recorded on film. It is noteworthy that the Spaniard was blackmailing Gardener his imaginary pregnancy from him, although no documentary evidence of his new status is not submitted, it notifies by telephone only.
the Colombian secret services came to a Soviet diplomat, showing him the incriminating records and have offered cooperation. But the farmer immediately understood who is behind them, and agreed to work only with the CIA.

Nicholas Syromyatnikov

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