Celebrities, and It would not go well with Fadi Fawaz (46), who was a partner in 2016, and death of singer George Michael. Fawaz, it was this past weekend, on the street, photographed from where he was, according to the British media on the run. Even though Fadi, at the time of his relationship with George was to live a life full of glitz and glamour, he is now on the ground.

Three years after the death of Michael, the life of Fadi Fawaz to be a mess turned out. He was a persistent contention by the family of the deceased singer, in his beautiful villa in the London set, and has since lived on the streets. “To the family of George and their team of lawyers let me down”, was Fadi, his friends just know is on Facebook. “So do I sleep now forced on the streets instead of being in my house.’Fawaz said that he was, until recently, in a hotel, you stayed in, but that expense is no longer able to bear.

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Fawaz responded, still furious at the fact that he didn’t was listed in the last will and testament of George Michael. He could not have any claim on, the funds of the singer, which is more than 100 million euros have been estimated. Fawaz became bitter, and spit out several times publicly to be a gal, with all the negative consequences of this.

the Anger again,

from the Previous month, ontspoordezijn anger. He decided to take a deelvan the roof of the residence of George Michael, who, as a five-million-worth of his own hand to destroy it.Fawaz, a former barber, was arrested, and he has access to the very spacious house refused. Since then, he doesn’t know where – and above all, to whom he can turn.

It remains to be seen whether Fawaz able to escape the downward spiral into which he has fallen. Fadi Fawaz would be mental not stability, and it would be in the slachtofferrol on all fours. Fawaz was sinds2009, along with George Michael, but ever since the singer’s death, he seems to have, but not a new happiness to be able to find it.