History 04/02/20 shot from the movie”Hiroshima”: what Soviet sailors so called nuclear submarine K-19

having Joined the system in 1960, the nuclear sub K-19 has become a visible embodiment of nuclear power of the Soviet Union. Unfortunately, in history, it has remained as the disaster of the Soviet submarine. Americans poetically and tragically called it “the widow”. Soviet sailors briefly and succinctly – “Hiroshima”. K-19 did kill many of their crew members.

the problem from the start

There is a tradition during the descent of the ship the stocks to break on Board a bottle of champagne, which must be broken to smithereens the first time, symbolizing a good future fate of the ship. On the case of K-19 the bottle broke only the second time, and “run,” champagne is a male officer, although it should do it by a female hand. The boat included in the composition of the current fleet is worthless carriers of the ideas of scientific communism to believe in all sorts of omens.

whatever it was, but it was on K-19 accident reactor, the first in the history of the nuclear submarine fleet of the USSR. The story is not that secret, it is Hollywood even movie filmed with Harrison Ford in the lead role, but poorly understood. So, over time, have left only two books in Russian about the incident: “the accident at the Soviet fleet” Nikolay Cherkashin and “Disaster water” Nicholas Morale.

Cherkashin — the captain of the first rank, a famous writer of seascapes. Marmol was the head of the technical Department of the Northern fleet, rear Admiral. Both have first-hand information, including interviews with members of the crew. However, in open access there is still no list awarded the submarine K-19, and the grave of the five killed in the accident elimination was found by chance as was furnished in a simple style, without specifying the cause of death.

Restoring the picture of the incident, we can say the following. July 4, 1961 the submarine was a hundred kilometers South of the island of Jan Mayen in the Atlantic, when out of order ventilation and the reactor began to overheat. The signal from the commander of the submarine captain second rank Nikolai zateev received at 4:15. It was fraught with a thermal explosion, the death of the crew and the radioactive contamination of a considerable part of the world ocean. Who knows, maybe a third world war broke out be — on the island stood the American radar, fix it explosion with release of radiation, it is unknown how would the Department of defense.

the Submarine surfaced, the crew began to fight for the life of the vehicle. The radio station was neispravno and SOS sent through a weak emergency transmitter. Formed a team of eight people, all volunteers understood that they were going to die. They were 20-22 years. Submariner — a profession for the young, thirty years is difficult under water, and forty — impossible to stay, conditions are not the same. From radiation repairmen saved the hazmat suits and gas masks, or rather, they were more of a psychological protection than real. Changed in a matter of minutes, it took two attempts, after which ventilation was restored, the threat of explosion had passed. But the boat was contaminated by radiation emitted by a malfunctioning reactor through the vents of the ship.

the Crew of K-19 took the other two Soviet submarines came to the SOS signal. The sailors went on Board naked, leaving the infected in a form on K19 and after bathing in sea water for purification of radionuclides. All eight members of the repair group died pretty quickly, chances irradiation at 5000-6000 REM did not have any.

And the crews of two submarines-rescuers were punished: they disobeyed orders, left the place in an underwater curtain against the American submarine. Don’t they come to help, the corpses would have been much more: the crew of K-19 consisted of 149 people and they could all be exposed to lethal doses of radiation.

K-19 was towed into the port of the ship, accompanied by destroyers.

he Continued his service To the 19 added to the list of accidents

the repair and decontamination of the submarine took three years and in 1963, the K-19 returned to service. The notoriety already attached to the ship, but don’t write off a brand new submarine due to the fact that she is unlucky!

K-19 began to swell the sad list. According to the historian of the Navy, member of the Russian military historical society Igor Borovik, in 1972 the submarine a fire broke out that killed 30 people (28 were killed on Board and 2 died later).

Borovik claims that K-19 suffered unprecedented losses of crew in peacetime for submarines in case of accidents (instead of sinking). Then there was another fire, local. Two collisions with American submarines. These incidents fortunately there were no casualties.

Copied K-19 only in 1990-m to year. In the beginning two-thousand former members of the crew offered to get on the ship the submarine Museum, but the idea has not passed, and “Hiroshima” started up for scrap.

Konstantin Baranovsky

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