Hillary Clinton spoke at the 2022 New York State Democratic Convention

Hillary Clinton refers to Durham controversy as “conspiracy theory” in a speech at the NY Dem convention

Hillary Clinton spoke at the 2022 New York State Democratic Convention
“It’s funny. Trump is in more trouble the more conspiracy theories and charges against him seem wilder.

She continued, “Fox leads charge with accusations against my counting on their audience falling for it again.”

Clinton claimed that Fox News was nearing legal liability for its coverage of the Durham probe. She added, “And as an aside. They’re getting awfully close t echt malice in our attacks. But as I said, don’t get distracted.”

Clinton attacked the Republican Party in her speech as violent, divisive and dangerous to U.S. Democracy.

“We are in unknown territory. The former Secretary of State stated that our enemies around the globe are watching. “Republicans are defending coup plotters. They are limiting voting rights precisely at the time when democracy needs champions.

She said, “When we should stand together against autocracies such as Russia and China. They were given January six last year as a gift because they remember something that we must not forget. America can only be as strong as our unity, our democracy and our will to live together.

The filing by Durham claims that an executive in technology accessed servers belonging Trump Tower and White House in order to compile information on former President Donald Trump regarding Russia.
On Wednesday, Clinton responded to Durham’s latest filing by critiquing Fox News and former President Trump for “desperately spinning a fake scandal distracting from his real ones.”
In her first public reaction to Durham’s February 11 federal court filing that Fox News first reported Saturday, the former Democratic presidential nominee for 2016 tweeted Wednesday.