Royalty-free After the emotional interview, Meghan Markle (38) in addition, during her travels through Africa,it would be now that even Kate Middleton (37) of the plan is to publicly speak out about it in the press, and which they, as a royal should pay. According to Phil Dampier, a well-known royaltykenner is the author of several books about the British monarchy, heeftKate her sister-in-law, behind the scenes, called for her unconditional support, and to express themselves. “Here, pulling for Kate, the line is, if you can’t tell the tabloids.”

According to the royaltykenner Phil Dampier has been of Kate Middleton, wife of prince William is not on the level of Meghans fight against the constant stream of bad rumors, hurtful gossip, and negative headlines. Even though Markle is still considered to be a very inspiring and powerful woman is present, she would have to, according to Dampier, in reality, a very sensitive woman. And that would also make He, more than ever, realise that, according to the royaltykenner have it, Kate and Meghan already been in contact, and that they and their partners are determined to try to unite it as one of four that together, through thick and thin and support.

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“Behind-the-scenes, I have been told that Kate does her very best to get everyone back together, and Meghan, to help where they can,” said Dampier, who, among others, in the book ‘Royally Suited Harry and Meghan are In Their Own Words,’ it wrote.“No one wants to be the Queen and be disappointed, so Kate tries to with the problems themselves to solve them.I have been told that the Duchess of Cambridge, in contact with Meghan and her to have a phone voice. Kate has compassion for her and understand that Meghan’s hard work.”

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