Heinrich Mueller: the mystery of the disappearance of the head of the Gestapo

History 07/01/20 Heinrich Mueller: the mystery of the disappearance of the head of the Gestapo

Among the many mysteries of the bloodiest in the history of mankind war, the greatest interest is the mysterious disappearance of a number of leaders of the Third Reich. One of the bosses who escaped the Nuremberg Tribunal, was the chief of the secret state police of the Third Reich Heinrich Muller. After the war he was actively looking for worldwide (until mid-1980-ies of the last century), but to no avail.

Left without a word

After the Second world war the dock was short of the private Secretary of the Fuhrer, who led the National socialist German workers party, Martin Bormann. He alone knew the secret of the so-called “gold party” and, probably, thanks to this managed to escape. The second head of the Third Reich, to avoid punishment, was a Gestapo chief Heinrich Mueller. In this case, if Martin Bormann was the most knowledgeable person in the political and financial issues of Nazi Germany, that Heinrich müller was well versed in matters of state security, for which he was responsible. By and large he was able to organize the escape from fire Berlin to any person, but prefer to flee alone. It has long sought, but never found. The amazing thing is that, despite the large number of versions about the place of residence of Muller after the war, he still listed in the list of wanted war criminals. Of course, Mueller, which this year would have turned 118 years, has long been dead. The only question is where and under what circumstances, he was overtaken by death.

Fake grave

Like most of the top Nazi criminals, Mueller disappeared from Berlin in the last days of the war, shortly after the suicide of Adolf Hitler. However, at one time some believed that he died escaping engulfed in street fighting of Berlin. But one of the researchers seriously this version does not perceive. The more that was uncovered when the alleged grave of Heinrich Mueller, it was discovered the bones of three different people. But none of the remains, as established expertise, Muller did not belong. It remained to find out where he could hide the fugitive Nazi war criminal, involved in almost all the atrocities of the Nazis. Most often the USA and Germany, as well as hunters of runaway Nazis searched for them in third world countries in South America. And if the CIA closed the case on finding the Gestapo chief in 1971, it is Germany, by contrast, said that it has some confidential data and issued a warrant for his arrest in 1973. However, arrested Mueller was not.

the Chilean recluse

the Hypothesis about the flight to South America, as it later turned out, had a real basis. Among the countries of the continent, which has found a refuge for former Nazis, the most loyal to him were Chile. Here, 350 kilometres North of Santiago in the mountains was created by the German colony of Dignidad, which actually became a military base for the creation of the Fourth Reich. On the outskirts of the colony in the 1960-ies, the memories of its inhabitants, lived a brewer Ernst Krombach. It is noteworthy that during the investigation on the leaders of the colony in 2005 the daughter of one of them by the name of Kesselring learned at old photos of his neighbor in the colony of Krombach. Here only showed her a photograph not Chilean brewer and the Gestapo chief Heinrich müller. Later, Kesselring reported a lot of interesting details. According to her words, in South America, Muller has got a young wife (younger than him by a few decades) and two daughters. Place to live he chose the most convenient. The colonists almost never left their settlement and categorically not allow any foreign. However, according to the testimony of inhabitants of the colony of Krombach, Muller left Chile in 1976, after moving to Bolivia. Gone and lost. In the Western press, however, there were suggestions that the partner of one of the toakanovich of kings Bolivia, the former SS-hauptsturmführer Klaus Barbie was seventy years Henry Muller, hiding under another pseudonym. By the way, the reporter of the local newspaper, which first put forward this theory in 1980, the next day he was killed.

Arrested Barbie in 1983. But his mysterious partner for a few months before he moved to Paraguay. Obviously, here met his end, the chief of the Gestapo, which at that time was a very old man.

Dmitry Sokolov

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