The people in Berlin and Brandenburg have to prepare for severe storms on Friday. From the afternoon, a thunderstorm with heavy rain will move across the countries from the south and west, the German Weather Service (DWD) announced on Friday morning. Rainfall of up to 40 liters per square meter is possible in one hour. In addition, hail and gusts of wind as well as sometimes hurricane-force gusts with speeds of up to 110 kilometers per hour are to be expected. “Isolated tornadoes cannot be ruled out,” said a DWD spokesman in Potsdam.

According to the forecast, thunderstorms and heavy rain can still be expected from the south-west in the evening. Over the course of the night, the weather situation calmed down, with local showers still possible. According to the DWD, before it cools down on Saturday and Sunday, the temperatures on Friday will rise again to a summery 23 to 28 degrees. At night they drop to 15 to 12 degrees.

The summer high will be interrupted for the time being on Saturday. According to the forecast, the weather will be changeable with a mix of sun and clouds as well as occasional rain showers. There can be stormy gusts locally, which decrease towards the evening, it said. The temperatures rise to 19 to 22 degrees. The lows at night are between twelve and nine degrees.

According to the DWD, it will also be cloudy on Sunday, but it will remain dry. The temperatures rise to 18 to 21 degrees. A light to moderate north-west wind will blow. (dpa)