Several heat records were broken on Thursday in Quebec. In Montreal, the temperature even soared to 27 degrees.

It’s hard to believe that just a week ago, southern Quebec was in the grip of an ice storm of a rare magnitude.

On Wednesday, the summer season seemed to have started in advance. In Montreal, the temperature rose to 27.9 degrees, breaking the record of 26.7 degrees recorded on April 13, 1945. With the Humidex factor, the temperature felt like it even climbed to 30 degrees.

“We broke several records, especially in southern Quebec,” said Bessam Bouagila, meteorologist with Environment Canada.

The warm, humid air mass was carried by southwest winds, he said. From Friday, the northeast winds will be dominant, which will result in pleasant temperatures, certainly, but cooler.

“For Greater Montreal, we expect 20 degrees tomorrow, 20 to 22 degrees Saturday and 23 degrees Sunday,” explains Mr. Bouagila.

The good weather will be chased away on Monday by a rain system that will settle over southern, central and eastern Quebec.

The meteorological upheavals are frequent in April, recalls Bessam Bouagila. It’s the result of a perpetual tension between cold air from the North, which wants to descend, and warm air from the United States, which wants to rise, he explains.