He Tszjan: why wife of Mao Zedong was held in a psychiatric hospital in the USSR

History 01/02/20 he Tszjan: why wife of Mao Zedong was held in a psychiatric hospital in the USSR

he Tszjan was the third wife of Chinese revolutionary Mao Zedong. Despite the presence of not only children, but no less common interests of the spouses, the marriage was short-lived. In 1938, Mao Khe sent to the Soviet Union. Four of the eight years spent in the Soviet Union, Tszjan lived in a psychiatric hospital.

Together in sorrow and in joy

he Tszjan was engaged in revolutionary activities while still a girl. According to Yuri Galenovich, author of “the Great Mao. The genius and villainy”, in 1926, when Ho was barely 16 years old, she has organized in his native County women’s Union. A few months later the girl and went to the mountains with his brother in order to continue a guerrilla struggle. Thanks to a classmate of his older brother’s Tszjan and met with Mao Zedong. The future Creator of the modern Chinese state was already married a second time, but active and fearless Ho so charmed him that he did not pay attention to “prejudice”.

From that moment he Tszjan became not only a wife but a companion of Mao Zedong. With her revolutionary spent the most difficult years of his life. He was beside her husband during military campaigns, even while pregnant, one suffered serious injuries. However, according to Mariana Skuratovsky and Elena Prokof’evoy, authors edition of “100 great weddings,” Tszjan Mao gave birth to five children. Two of them died and the rest were placed in the care of strangers to a peasant family, making later traces of them lost. However, despite such sacrifices, the way he Tszjan and Mao Zedong sold after only 7 years.

Beloved Mao and the expulsion of the wife

according to Victor Usov, the author of the book “Chinese Beria Kang Sheng” with reference to the words of Jiang Qing, who became the trailguide the wife of Mao Zedong, to think about the need to change he Tszjan revolutionary pushed a small affair with actress Lily W. novel Mao on the side was the reason for the scandals in the family, which broke out with surprising regularity. He Czjan, which had the opportunity to experience a lot of scary moments during the years of wandering together with Mao Zedong, did not differ stable psyche. She could easily shoot a person, and in all seriousness intended to deal with your opponent. Oils in fire were added also rumors about the relationship of Mao with the American journalist Agnes Smiddy. It Hae also wanted to resolve.

But the situation was resolved differently. According to Andrew Shljahovo, author of the book “Tender love the main villains of the story”, Mao Zedong simply drove out of sight all three. In particular he Tszjan was sent to the Soviet Union. Apparently, Hobbies, Mao did not become an obstacle to its proximity with the lawful wife, because in Moscow Ho gave birth to a son. However, the child soon died. After the death of the boy Tszjan began to throw the letters of the Central Committee of the Communist party of China, she asked to let her return to the country. But Mao preferred to Hae stayed as far away from him. Moreover, he married again. One Communist was mentioned above, the actress Jiang Qing.

life in the USSR

Although at some point, Mao Zedong took pity on he Tszjan and sent to Russia found the daughter Qiao Qiao. However, the girl, hardly having appeared in the Soviet Union, fell ill with pneumonia. Tszjan who lost all his children, was very worried for the fate of Qiao Qiao. Meanwhile, the doctors of Ivanovo, where the beginning of the great Patriotic war he was evacuated with her daughter from Moscow, put Qiao Qiao in the cold wing of the orphanage. Apparently, the doctors believed that the child can not be saved. The baby really was so bad that once it was mistakenly sent to the morgue. On hearing this, he Tszjan a scandal, after which she was in Psychiatricshell the hospital.

of the eight years spent in the USSR, four Tszjan he lived in the hospital. Yuri Galenovich assumes a special role was played by Stalin: Stalin kept Tszjan locked up allegedly by agreement with Mao Zedong, who wanted to quietly enjoy the company of a new wife. Only after the war, Mao decided to return to Ho home. Tszjan arrived in China in 1947. There she continued to receive necessary medical care. According to Viktor Usov, a former ally of Mao in fact was suffering from a mental illness. In particular, he till the end of his days claimed that someone is following her, and the doctors are trying to poison her. And she died in 1984 at the age of 73 years.

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