He found the Bolsheviks in the tombs of the Russian emperors

History 20/02/20 found the Bolsheviks in the tombs of the Russian emperors

In the Peter and Paul Cathedral in St. Petersburg, as you know, the remains of the Russian tsars of the Romanov dynasty. According to the official, the graves were never disturbed. However, a number of sources claim that the graves of the monarchs after the revolution, was plundered.

Values for the Provisional government

the Tomb in the Peter and Paul Cathedral appeared in the times of Peter I. He became the first who was buried here. Subsequently, in the walls of the Cathedral were buried the dead and other Russian rulers and members of the Imperial family.

the Beginning of the looting of the Royal tombs was laid after the February revolution. In September-October 1917 by order of the Provisional government all were in the tomb valuables – icons in precious settings, lamps, medals, and wreaths made of gold, silver, bronze and porcelain – were removed from the graves. They were loaded into boxes and sent to Moscow. The fate of these objects remained unknown.

The “help the hungry”

it is said that those who came to power in October 17th the Bolsheviks thought about the tomb only in 1921. Supposedly under the pretext of confiscation of property in favor of “Pomgol” (Committee for famine relief) blasphemous they opened the grave. However, the document is nowhere attested, but there is testimony of eyewitnesses.

for Example, Russian immigrant Boris Nikolaev in his memoirs quotes the letter of one of the prominent members of the St. Petersburg HCP published in the Cracow Gazeta “is Illustrated with a courier Codzienny”

“Mechanics open up the tomb of Alexander III. Embalmed corpse of the king was well preserved. Alexander III lies in his General’s uniform, richly decorated with orders. The ashes of the king quickly removed from the silver casket is removed from the finger rings, with uniform – order, diamond-studded, thenm the body of Alexander III is shifted in an oak casket. The Secretary of the Commission prepares a report, which lists in detail confiscated from the deceased king of jewelry. The coffin is closed and put on his seal…”

the same procedure was done with the graves of Alexander II and Nicholas I. But the tomb of Alexander I, according to the narrator, was empty. It is possible to see an indirect confirmation of the legend that this Emperor died at Taganrog, and ended his days in Siberia under the name of the elder-hermit Feodor Kuzmich. Perhaps it played the role of “the usurper” simply decided not to be buried along with members of the Royal family.

When opened the tomb of Emperor Paul I, the members of the Commission was not myself. Although the coat of the murdered king was buried, perfectly preserved, a wax mask put on him before the funeral, melted, and from under its residues could see the disfigured face of the unfortunate… But pleased with the tomb of Catherine II, which was a large amount of jewelry.

the Tomb with the remains of Peter the Great, opened with great difficulty: the tomb was somehow tricky. “We began drilling the tomb, – says the author – and soon the coffin lid, supplied to facilitate the work vertically in the open and before the eyes

the Bolsheviks stood upright Peter the Great. Members of the Commission by surprise, in fear recoiled. Peter the Great stood as a living, his face is well-preserved. King, who during his life aroused in people the fear of, once again tried the strength of his formidable influence in the KGB. But during the transfer of the corpse of the great king crumbled to dust. Worst job of the KGB was finished, and oak coffins with the remains of the kings were transported to St. Isaac’s Cathedral, where he was placed in the basement…”

Where were retrieved from the tombs of values? Likely to have been sold abroad, like other national wealth of the Kremlin, the Hermitage, the Tretyakov gallery.

There are other evidence of the looting of the Imperial tombs, collected the candidate of philological Sciences, associate Professor of historical faculty of St. Petersburg University deacon Vladimir Vasilikon. For example, Professor V. K. Krasusky wrote: “As a student, I came in 1925 in Leningrad to stay with his aunt Anna Adamovna Krasuski, honored worker of science, Professor of anatomy Research Institute. P. F. Lesgaft. In one of my conversations with A. A. Krasuski she

I said: “Not so long ago, made an autopsy of the Royal tombs. Especially strong impression was made by the opening of the tomb of Peter I. Peter’s Body well preserved. It really is very similar to that of Peter, which is depicted in the figures. On his chest was a large Golden cross that weighed a lot. Had seized valuables from the tombs of the kings””.

What lies in the grave?

No official evidence that the tomb of someone touched, however, is not preserved. The most suspicious fact in this story is the reburial of the remains in St. Isaac’s Cathedral. Wouldn’t it be easier to leave them in the same place? Maybe there were no remains, only one, only tombstones? Moreover, on 12 April 1918 was adopted by decree of Council of people’s Commissars “On the removal of monuments erected in honor of tsars and their servants, and the development of projects of monuments of Russian socialist revolution”. The government has sought to destroy the historical past of Russia.

the Staff of the Peter and Paul fortress claim that the tomb of the Russian emperors never been opened, it is only a rumor… meanwhile, a Commission arrived from Moscow in connection with necessity of reburial of the family of the last Emperor, drew attention to the fact that tombstone on the grave of Alexander III moved and has traces of chipping. However, the coffin with the remains was in place. So the information about the opening of the Imperial tombs of the Bolsheviks is still only andhistorical legend.

Irina Shlionskaya

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