Oostende is In Oostende, the police on Sunday night, a man was arrested on suspicion of torching his own hair salon in the Nieuwpoortsesteenweg. He then threw two molotov cocktails into the house, but eventually, the damage will be limited. We can only guess as to why the man of business of his own in the fire, wanted to put.

The police got around 4: 30 am reporting an attempted break-in of the Nieuwpoortsesteenweg, near the Petit Paris. One man tried to stop the glass door from the Salon Out to the break at the bottom of a block of flats. It was, however, reinforced glass, and the door broke off it doesn’t. Eventually, they opened the men’s door, and not just with the key, and he threw two molotov cocktails inside. The police arrived shortly thereafter, and I could spot him. To the surprise of the patrol, it was going to be the person (34) from the barber shop.

have to Guess at the motive

The molotov cocktails were for two bottles of about ten centilitre is filled with flammable liquid, with a wick. At the hairdresser’s, it smelled burnt, but luckily the damage was very limited. The fire brigade was on the spot to make the molotov cocktails were the cause of mine. The police in Ostend, confirming the incident. “I can only say that the man has been arrested in the investigation, and it is still a guess, it is for a reason,” said commissioner Kris Allary, the local police department Building. The man is currently arrested on suspicion of arson.

From the study will show whether or not he had a moment of zinsverbijstering, or whether or not the insurer had wanted to light up.


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