The Berlin Green Group is calling for the Ukrainian Independence Day to be celebrated as a one-off holiday. “As a sign of our support, we want to celebrate Ukraine’s Independence Day together in Berlin on August 24,” says the master plan “Arrival and Participation for Berlin”, which the parliamentary group decided on Saturday at their retreat.

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According to the paper, the day should be a “clear sign of German-Ukrainian solidarity” and honor the achievements of Berlin’s civil society. “It is a symbol of solidarity and cohesion with Ukraine,” said the group’s domestic spokesman Vasili Franco. People who have fled Ukraine want to “offer a home in Berlin”. The day would stand for that too.

The Green parliamentary group meets at the weekend for a two-day retreat in a conference hotel near Nauen. In addition to plans for the traffic turnaround, including more attractive public transport subscriptions, the Greens also decided on a master plan for how to deal with refugees from Ukraine.

Among other things, the parliamentary group calls for better psychosocial care for those arriving who have been traumatized by the war in their home country.

In particular, Ukrainian specialists from the medical and psychological fields should also be involved in the care. The existing expertise should be used more quickly and structures created in which “Ukrainians can provide health services for Ukrainians,” according to the parliamentary group’s plan. A corresponding project should be docked at the arrival center at the former Tegel Airport for this purpose.

In addition, the parliamentary group called for children and young people from Ukraine to be integrated into day-care centers and schools as quickly as possible. First of all, sufficient welcome classes are needed. “Where possible, the transition to regular classes should already take place,” said the parliamentary group’s decision.