For more than ten years, the graffiti wall on Oderstraße has been an attraction for young (and not so young) sprayers, even beyond the district borders. Now it was dismantled at short notice and residents are asking themselves: What is going on there?

Because in Neukölln there are hardly any other ways to legally spray walls. The wall was created after a hip-hop workshop in the youth club Yo!22, reports district office spokesman Christian Berg on request. Because of its importance, it is clear: “There will be a new graffiti wall on Oderstrasse.”

However, the graffiti wall was no longer stable. “She threatened to fall over, which you can guess from the dented fence,” says Berg. The youth welfare office is currently examining the financing of the new wall, but unfortunately there are no funds in the budget for this in the short term. So the search for funding has now begun.

The foundations for the fence pillars would have to be concreted in future, which has not been the case so far. Together with the plywood panels of the actual wall, the district office assumes costs of around 15,000 euros. So it will be a while before the wall is up.