Family and Xaviera Plas (43), the woman behind the brand < / i> ” Oh, I have growth!, also wrote a substantial handboekover of the pregnancy. “Google is the worst enemy when it comes to midwives.”

your lashes, if you’re pregnant? You’ll be goji berries to eat? And what’s with the tattoos? Guys, just thought Xaviera Plas, you can always as questions, had standing and that is not just out. But no, it was clearly not a place at all. Therefore, it was decided that the woman behind the successful brand, the ” Oh, I have growth! is known from the book about the mental development of babies – they have to write. More than five hundred pages, it is now. It includes the practical and medical information, and it covers just about every topic that can be discussed around the pregnant woman. Be proud to rub it over the gold lettering of the first one. The book is coming Tuesday. “Pregnancy is worth its weight in gold. This is a golden book.”

You have three children. What would you like to read when you were pregnant, did it?

“That’s not so hard to take. I have had a bit more air and you don’t want. It can be seen from most of the women, and they are very much afraid. Fear that they are doing something that is not allowed, and that the birth goes wrong. They want to make the pregnancy run smoothly. I want to be clear on one thing to give to much, you don’t have to do it. Also, if you have my book, from cover to cover, you can forget about learn to. but It ain’t gonna happen.

“I do hope, however, that I have the confidence back. You are pregnant, you should be able to live and to be able to celebrate that, you must not be afraid of it. Of course, it can go wrong. But, let’s face it, if you’re a child of eight, it can also be something bad happen to you. And fear is not a bad thing, isn’t it, that just makes you a better parent. But for those who have a child and expect to not want to wonder out. That’s why this book is so fat with a pill addiction.

What are the biggest misconceptions when eenzwangerschap?

“the important things is, we know what it can and cannot do. About the cinnamon, it is sometimes very angry made. You may have some cinnamon, but you don’t need to have the entire bus to the top of your head. Some people call it a dash of cinnamon in my apple pie, which I’m not! Thus, it is not.

“My job is to provide information so that everyone is zijneigen of the choices you can make. In the Netherlands there is no regulation on the use of a disinfectant soap. In America, they find out that soap is not good for pregnant women. I am not God, I’m going to not be able to determine what information you picked up, you have to take it, so I would like to mention in the book that the soap is not here forbidden, but in some states, you can.”

You can write on the preconceptie’: identification of specific mutations, in time to see a dentist. So many people have is that before they get pregnant?

“That’s not necessary, but if you do, you better feel comfortable with, then I would say: go ahead, , and this is what you can do about it. And I write, it guarantees you’re not. You can also sink your teeth in advance of the extra well-cleaned, because the tooth and the pregnancy has been a neglected topic, but this is not to say that nothing is going to get it. Shit happens and when shit wants to happen.

“In the chapter entitled “Preconceptie” is what you can do for your own. However, there is also if you at one time to get pregnant, please do the following. Hood was smoking, and drugs, and cover it with alcohol and take vitamin D3 and folic acid.”

I’ve had this during my pregnancies, and salami for dinner, and, I think, also, of the herring. I have read that it is not allowed. The list of things that are not recommended,…

“the day is longer.”
we have better ones? My mother heeftvolgens to me make no sense at all taken care of, and I’m alive still.

My oldest one is 23. From the list, if I was in the pregnancy, yet for three quarters, however, and I found all of that, I don’t care much for christmas. So now We just have more information: there’s more research to be done, and not left to chance. There used to be a lot more abortions than they do now. But the world has changed as well. Goji berries and chia seed, were not on the menu. We don’t eat the same cow as our grandparents ate. In the past, came to a certain microbe in goat’s milk. Because we have goats, otherwise they are going to keep that bacteria will there be in it. And so is goat cheese on the list of the products that is not raw is allowed to eat. The good part is: now it’s all on the label.”

Can we now do what was previously not allowed?

“in Fact, very, very much!!! Maybe when you and I were pregnant, but it used to be you had to be almost confined to bed, are. Does not work, get down girl, take a nice soft cushion to sit on while you pelvic floor muscles in a single way-to the philistines, to help you, you need to be on a soft pad to go in! Actually, a lot has changed, just as the modern woman would want to do: get on with your life, don’t do what you want to do, stick with your exercises to do, < / i> “enjoy life”. ”.


“it was what I need to do. If you do, you muscle exercise, this will help with your recovery, but also for the baby. A good pelvic floor muscles may be at risk for incontinence, up to 60 percent. Pretty tough, isn’t it?! And tell no one. That’s what my next book is about the fact that I am writing with a patent state sports instructor He Mischner, about the period of post-partum after the birth.

“We know this: pregnancy is nine months on, nine months off, but the last check six weeks after giving birth. Try to find out if you are zwellinkjes and the stitches are gone, and you’re done. At the same time signing people up to ten to fifteen years in the future, with structural, incontinentieproblemen, ongeheelde the trauma of labor and delivery. Most of the complaints had to prevent a postpartumprogramma the very beginning.”

It looks as if it is a bevalplan or to have a birth plan make.

“it’s now all the way in. I am very satisfied with it. It is good to make ahead of time and think about what you enjoy doing, but it’s not a plan that you can aftimmeren, and just like that, all the women who are now having children. They want to have everything under control: we have to plan it and that’s how it should be done. But this is the way it is is definitely not. I wanted to be an ab-so-luut not have to go to the hospital but the placenta didn’t come out of it, so then it had to be a way.

“It’s going to be the workers. Do you want to be in the hospital to give birth, whether in the home, and if so, how? Do you want your partner to look like, the child will look like? To me, that doesn’t fit, and I don’t want my husband to be for his entire life, and that image of him out. For others, that is just beautiful. And still others say it was here that I had never thought about it.”

You are writing often say, ” now Go and do not look…’

Google is the worst enemy when it comes to midwives. Even on well-established sites can be found in the largest device, or for any information, seven years ago, which has never been updated. Midwives say it all, per a conversation I need to be at least one more thing to straighten out what people from Google have found it. Pregnant women should have a pm in to stop the nonsense is, then, for an hour to make, and I’m spending now on my 10-to-15 minutes, 3 to 4 minutes to completely wipe. Their advice was clear and simple: save your questions, it saves us both a lot of stress. And if you can’t wait, you can always make a call.”

, And those lashes? What’s going on? The risks during pregnancy, writes, Then, it is still not well understood. The skin is affected by hormones, so they will show a much faster release.

Xaviera Plas-Plooij, < / i> ” Oh, I have growth! – The zwangerschapsboek , Fontaine Uitgevers, €29,99.