Waste generation is one of the crucial problems that is not easy to handle anywhere in the world nowadays. The rapid increase of population, as well as urbanization, is seen to hinder the sustainable management of waste. Also, the practices of unregulated dumping of waste and openly burning it aggravate the health, safety, and environmental hazards that humanity is facing now.

It is essential to devise simple yet comprehensive contingencies to meet the global effort for a greener environment to manage solid waste efficiently. While most of the developing countries even allocate a considerable amount to institutionalize solid waste management, there are still ways that ordinary people may contribute to this worthy cause. These strategies can be simplified into the three Cs that are easy to digest and execute. If these three Cs become the practice of all, the world will still be a safe place to live in the future.

Changing habits

Changing old habits for more responsible ones is a vital key to reduce the generation of solid waste. The extensive practice of buying single-use products and the improper disposing of solid waste are among the habits that need some consideration. You can resort to purchasing goods with a prolonged life of use instead of single-use ones. You can also get a junk removal service In Jacksonville to dispose of residential or commercial solid waste instead of doing it yourself the wrong way. 

These life-changing strategies may seem easy to do, but they are so hard to accomplish since it is the attitude, discipline, and disposition that are the subject of change. Educating the public is essential for the people to realize what is at stake if they do not participate in resolving this issue.

Creativity matters

As the call for greener ways and means escalates around the globe, ideas have also sprung up as to how solid waste can be maximized using creativity. With the help of the Internet, many have seen how old tires were turned into classy furniture, or plastic bottles were turned into functional ornaments. And since creative minds are never-ending, this method can effectively help in reducing solid waste and can even be a source of livelihood for many.

Collective engagement

Any initiative is most likely to fail if it is not realized by many. This notion is true as more people still rely on government or environment-friendly organizations’ efforts to resolve the issue of managing solid waste. And despite the active campaign of changing old habits and using creativity, some still choose convenience rather than the environmentally-responsible ways of living.

Collective engagement is essential in fulfilling the objective of reducing waste, as well as in formulating measures to lessen the effects of ill-managed solid waste disposal done in the past. It is an act of ensuring future generations a livable habitat. And this objective cannot be done by the government alone.

The tick of the clock is a reminder that time is running out. There is no way to resolve the solid waste problem other than every stakeholder taking responsibility for preventing the world from total devastation.

Image: https://unsplash.com/photos/b0p818k8Ok8