Globes of the family Blaeu: map two pearls of the XVII century in the Historical Museum

In the Historical Museum have a unique opportunity to see the Blaeu globes, created in the XVII century. Two cartographic pearls are on a long restoration. It turned out, the modern satellite images of the earth surface is not able to replace the fantasy medieval cartographers. How to restore the globe of the era of geographical discoveries?

Here it is — the guide, geographical discoveries. There is no Kamchatka and Sakhalin, Korea, and California is depicted as Islands, and even continents less. On the ball is not enough of Antarctica — while it has not yet opened.

– If we looked more, we would see that there are some fantastic tribes who are mentioned mostly by ancient authors.

Globus Blau can be considered infinite: the seas ships ply, and among forested mountains, lakes and deserts offer the animal world.

“In the seventeenth century liked to had some white spots. They believed that a thing must be very beautiful, it needs to be filled and all the gaps they’ve filled with some very fine miniatures good engraving, some texts,” — says senior researcher of Department of written sources of the State historical Museum, Vladimir Bulatov.

But during the restoration of the white spots on the field decided to leave is lost fragments, to restore them exactly will not succeed. Such works of art were created by the famous Amsterdam family of cartographers Blaeu in the 40-ies of the XVII century. In a couple of the terrestrial globe made in heaven. Now it is difficult something to consider.

“Dents, loss, chips, the film itself, which he covered — the image is not readable. Our goal is to eliminate all physical damage, remove contamination,” — says the artist-restorer of Scientific and restoration center named after I. E. Grabar Eugene Mymrin.

Until 1987 the Duo was part of the exhibition of the Historical Museum. When finished restoringradio celestial globe, unique exhibits will return to their seats.

“We think from the point of view of the exhibition because it is a complicated scientific process to find them a worthy place at the exposition”, — said the Director of the State historical Museum Alexei Levykin.

the visitors of the Museum will be another week to see the terrestrial globe, Blaeu. Later it will be transferred to storage where it will wait until the completion of the restoration of the celestial sphere, and this is no earlier than 2021.

Text: “to Conduct-Moscow”