FILE - Glenn Close, nominated for an Oscar for best actress for her role in "The Wife," poses at the 91st Academy Awards Nominees Luncheon in Beverly Hills, Calif., on Feb. 4, 2019. Close is releasing an album with Grammy-winning jazz saxophonist-composer Ted Nash on Friday. “Transformation: Personal Stories of Change, Acceptance, and Evolution,” is an 11-track spoken word jazz album that tackles heavy topics like race, politics and identity. (Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP, File)

NEW YORK — Though Glenn Close was nominated for eight Oscars with no wins, the distinguished actor wishes to make 1 thing clear: she isn’t a loser.

After”Minari” celebrity Youn Yuh-jung won the trophy, the Los Angeles Times printed an article with the headline,”Following 8 Oscar losses, Glenn Close is tied as the funniest actor without a triumph.” It prompted Emmy winner Sarah Paulson to converse in Close’s shield,”I want this dialog would stop. She is brilliant and has been an outstanding and coveted career. Nighty night to this particular click bait convo into nowheresville.”

“Who in this class is a failure? You are there, you are five individuals honored for the job that you have done by your own peers. What is much better than that? ,” she explained. “And I frankly believe the media wants to have winners and losers. Forget it. It is not exactly what it is about.”

Looking straight in the camerashe ended with:”I state, (expletive) them”

Close’s illustrious and honored career contains wins at mainly significant awards show.

The actor stated a year later being homebound due to the pandemic, she actually enjoyed watching her peers in the distanced Academy Awards.

“It had been wonderful. I meanthey were quite rigorous,” Close said. “We had been analyzed up the wazoo as we all needed to be. But I’ll let you know exactly what I loved about the Oscars… you have to speak to individuals whose job you’d seen and adored. I must speak to the excellent Korean girl who won within my group; obtained to fulfill Maria (Bakalova), that was also in my group, the excellent young actress from Bulgaria.

“And that is what we will need to perform. You have to have the ability to combine with your own type and… have the ability to express your admiration and just how much you have been inspired by these.

One of the final jobs Close worked on prior to the pandemic hit proved to be a spoken word jazz record with Grammy-winning artist Ted Nash. It premiered Friday and listed in Nyc at Jazz at Lincoln Center.

“I believe, I believe like countless different folks, changed by (the pandemic) and disturbed by it. I believe we need to actually take time to understand you don’t come from something like this easily. You need to actually listen to where you’re. It was it wasn’t simple. I believe all people came out with an adventure and I feel a good deal of stories will come from that moment,” Close said from Montana, in which she has been residing since late 2019. I appreciate community more. I meanI had been blessed to be close to my family during the entire thing.”

Throughout the pandemic she managed to picture”Swan Song” at Canada along with Oscar-winning celebrity Mahershala Ali. The Apple TV+ movie doesn’t have a launch date.

“If it is half as amazing as the adventure of creating it, it is likely to be a wonderful picture for folks to view,” she explained.

“I discovered when I had been up there, the entire team was always like that,” Close additional as she placed hands over mouth and nose. “You never watched somebody’s face. You simply saw your own eyes. And that I as a celebrity, I hang people’s eyes. But when I’d go and I would say,’OK, I am six feet off, can I simply see your face for five minutes?’ And it’d be a sin each and every moment.”

The majority of the time you’d no idea exactly what that individual actually looked like. And I truly feel that we want our entire faces. And I am so happy that today we could get into a position where we can see our faces in real time. That means a great deal to me personally.”