A girl of fourteen years of age, from Florida, is to be commended for the courage to be yourself guide for health, to make a call. The police have found the family in lamentabele living conditions”. The parents were both arrested for kinderverwaarlozing.

The teen said her brave, direct dial telephone, Thursday. The girl said that her parents not only had to care for her four brothers and sisters, 6 -, 8 -, 9-and 12-year-old, but also for their three dogs, two chickens and a rabbit. Father of Dennis, Allen (33) and his mother, Betty Nicolicchia, All of them (42) were employed as of late. She had never received free education. Her mother abused her, both physically and emotionally. She was thinking of committing suicide due to the condition of the home.

Eventually be delivered to the police out of the house in Bunnell, about 120 km north-west of Orlando, in the state of Florida. The police found the home in “complete disarray”. On Facebook, it sounds like this: “in Every room of the house was littered with animal feces and urine, with rotten food, cockroaches, and other insects. Some of the rooms were littered with garbage and that the agents in the floor, no longer able to see their boots vastplakten on the dirt-covered floor.” In the fridge there was frozen chicken, but, in the meantime, there was nothing to eat in sight.