Gil-Rodionov: as a Russian traitor did the Soviet partisans 2000 SS

Another 10/01/20 Gil-Rodionov: as a Russian traitor did the Soviet partisans 2000 SS

during the great Patriotic war has revealed many controversial personalities, including Russian SS, Vladimir Gil, who had twice become a traitor, but before his death, to have the order of the red Star.

Historians have, for lack of a more sensitive nature, is still up to the end can not determine the true mission of this Soviet officer, equally zealously manifested itself in the role of Punisher, and the role of a hero.


Born in the Belarusian city of Mogilev, Vladimir Gil, in 1929 he was appointed commander of one of platoons of the 32nd cavalry regiment Beloglinskiy. The approximate Komsomolets, in 1931 became a member of the Communist party, grew rapidly in posts, and since enrollment in 1937 at the Military Academy of the RKKA Frunze, began to grow rapidly in the ranks.

At the time of completion of the training Gil on the shoulders adorned with epaulets of Colonel, which, in the opinion of the historian, Ivan Kovtun, got it easy because after arranged by Stalin in 1937-1938 “Great terror” armed forces of the USSR had an acute shortage of officers.

it Should be noted that Kovtun describes Giles as the ambitious, skillfully depicting patriot, ready at any moment to die for the Fatherland.


a Sudden attack of the Nazi army on the Soviet Union Gil met the chief of staff of the 229th rifle division, which after a couple of weeks got the Tolochin (near Vitebsk) in the German environment.

July 16, 1941, after an unsuccessful resistance in the village of Bogushevsk Colonel Gil was taken prisoner, and he was immediately made an offer from the officers of the German intelligence and counterintelligence to join the Nazi ranks.

Initially, the Soviet commander refused to become a traitor, but after staying in the transit camps of the militaryplennyh, and once in the autumn of 1941 in the officers ‘ camp No. 68, he revised his views.

According to the testimony of the writer Dmitry Zhukov, not wanting to live under the open sky and die from starvation and epidemics, Gil not only agreed to cooperate, but also became the initiator of creation in the depths of the Nazi security service’s anti-Soviet organization designed to combine all of the negative attitude towards Soviet Union prisoners of war.

the Nazis supported this initiative and Vladimir, taking the alias Rodionov, founded the “National party of the Russian people”, which soon was transformed into the “Fighting Union of Russian nationalists”. The main purpose of this formation was to fight against socialism and the Foundation of a nationalist Russian state.

“Squad” Rodionov

Fiery speech Gil-Rodionov was able to convince some prisoners to go under the banner of fascism and take up arms against fellow human beings, engaging with them in an open confrontation, and engaged in subversive activities in the rear.

After the training camp of the German organization “Zeppelin”, specializing in the training of subversive activities of Soviet collaborators, Vladimir along with his squad of traitors, called “Squad” was sent to the front lines to carry out punitive operations against the guerrillas.

By the beginning of autumn 1942, under the command of the deserter was already a battalion in time to participate in such punitive operations “Cottbus”, “carlsbad”, “February”, and “harvest Festival”.

According to Dmitry Zhukov, in this action, held in Minsk region, has suffered 2473 inhabitants, of whom 1165 were killed and 1308 – stolen prisoner. This barbaric campaign “Guards” were under the control of brigadefuhrer, Kurt von Gottberg, who was the chief of the SS and police in Belarus.

Others as a mentor and colleague Gil was Oskar Dirlewanger, who was involved in the burning of Khatyn. It was under his leadership Gil participated in the executions of guerrillas, violence, robbery and the burning Belarusian villages.

By March 1943, Gil has commanded the unit, called the 1st Russian national SS regiment.

Change the reference point

However, on 16 August 1943, the unexpected happened for the Germans the event – Vladimir Gil-Rodionov, raising the emergency alarm all his soldiers, read to them an unexpected order: “In the name of saving the country from its enslavement by fascist invaders, I order you from this number to call a brigade “1st anti-fascist partisan brigade”. Impute to each soldier mercilessly wipe out the Krauts to their recent expulsion from the Russian land.”

All those fighters who have not moved with the commander in the red Army, together with the oversight of the shelf by the Germans were shot, and the vast majority of teams, dealing a powerful blow to the fascist reputation, has made an unprecedented number of collaborators rush to the enemy.

for the Second time to radically change the political orientation of Gil-Rodionov decided after trying to recruit guerrilla group “iron ore”, he got in the cage of the Soviet secret police. According to Ivan Kovtun, the operation of returning nearly 2000 squad Giles under the banner of the Soviet Union was led by a special agent of the Department, Alexey Sklyarenko.

the Order of the red Star

the next day after returning the 1st anti-fascist partisan brigade stormed a powerful German garrison, which was located at the railway station Krulevshizna. As a result of successful attacks killed 600 Germans, destroyed communication and engineering, blow up the warehouses with ammunition and fuel.

For his heroic actions during this operation, as well as “for the organization’s return to the ranks of the defenders of the Motherland Soviet prisoners of war and shown valor and courage in the struggle against the German fascist invaders” Vladimir Gil received the title of “Colonel” and with the propaganda purpose was awarded the order of the red Star.

By the way, to the award were taken into account and one interesting episode of the fascist past detachment Gil-Rodionova, which told the commander of the partisan connections of the novel machulski, vspominali that during the siege of his associates managed to break through the German ring that is on the site where on duty loyally referred to him, the soldiers of division “Brigade”.

the Saving death of

Sent to the Soviet command in the most dangerous sections of the front, the soldiers of Giles, as he, with his selfless actions trying to prove to the Motherland that betrayed her in the given circumstances.

to Atone for the blood they were able in April 1944, when the 1st anti-fascist partisan brigade engaged in battle with the Nazis in the village of PLANO. Desperately resisting the superior forces of the opponent, the Soviet troops went on break, which of the 1,200 guerrillas survived approximately 230 people.

Among the dead was Vladimir Gil, who received 14 may 1944, a fatal wound to the chest and head.

Historians and commanders of other guerrilla groups, for example, Vladimir Lobanok, suppose a heroic death on the battlefield, it’s the best thing that could happen to Gil, who after the war would have remembered his war crimes with all the ensuing consequences from detention to execution.

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