According the Europa Sur reports, three incidents involving Spanish vessels operating in the waters around Gibraltar were caused by the British Navy.

Two incidents occurred this week between Wednesday and Friday. Official Spanish ships were involved in one of the incidents. Two ships were involved in the incident: the Salvamar Denebola ,which responded to a distress signal from a sailingboat (Spetes), and the second from Spanish Institute of Oceanography.

Reports state that a rigid boat from Gibraltar harassed and eventually collided with the rescue vessel, forcing it to abandon its rescue mission.

Several hours later, four Royal Navy and Gibraltar government ships harassed Francisco de Paula Navarro (Spanish oceanographic vessel), more than three miles from the Rock.

On Friday, the third incident occurred when HMS Pursuer (a British training ship that is based in Gibraltar) was conducting target practice in Spanish waters. This was not reported. The Civil Guard arrived on the scene and the Pursuer was able to return to port.

Europa Sur reports that Spanish diplomatic sources confirmed to Europa Sur that they would report the incidents involving British Navy through the normal diplomatic channels.