According to preliminary information from the city of Münster, members of the voluntary fire brigade and an employee of the administration are among the 13 tourists who are in custody in Palma, Mallorca, for suspected arson.

The 13-strong bowling club tour group includes six members of fire engines from two districts, as the head of the Münster fire brigade announced on Monday. The city speaks cautiously of still unsecured findings. The city first wants to wait for the investigations of the Spanish authorities, said Wolfgang Heuer, the city’s head of public order, according to the announcement.

The tourists have been in custody since Saturday. They face several years in prison. The responsible investigating judge did not allow release on bail.

The Germans, aged between 24 and 29, are accused of throwing cigarette butts on the terrace roof of a restaurant in the immediate vicinity of the Ballermann, shortly after arriving on the island at a party on two balconies of their hotel rooms on Friday afternoon and also pouring alcohol on it. The reed roof caught fire.