Gennady Shpigun: who really was behind the kidnapping of General

History 28/01/20 Gennady Shpigun: who really was behind the abduction of General

Imagine a story. The General of militia, serving far from home and not in the most peaceful place in the eve of March 8 decided to go home to my wife. He sits in the plane – the path is not close, but on Board taken hostage by the militants and taken to an unknown destination. Year it is kept in captivity, transported from place to place to reduce the chances of survival, but he still manage to escape from captivity. It would seem that freedom is close, but without the food and livelihood are in trouble and not finding the help, the fugitive dies.

Like the script of some Hollywood blockbuster, isn’t it? Meanwhile all this took place in reality happened with the General-the major of militia Gennady Spigana. His abduction is still considered paradoxical, and what happened in General, like almost 20 years ago, raises many questions.

the Irony

Gennady Shpigun – man in his own way iconic. Their “career”, the future General of the police started from the position of milling machine in the plant “Dagdizel”. At the age of 22 he engaged in political activity and have achieved in this field significant progress, a few years later received the post of Deputy head of Department of organizational-party work in the Dagestan regional Committee of the CPSU.

Only 38 year of life Shpigun linked his fate with the work of the interior Ministry. In a new incarnation he first was responsible for the political training of the soldiers, then engaged staff in the Dagestani administration, participated in the First Chechen war, leading the pre-trial detention facilities in Chechnya. General even got to “the list of those responsible for the Chechen tragedy,” which was compiled by the President of the self-proclaimed Ichkeria Dzhokhar Dudayev.

the Quarry went into the mountain. In 1996 Shpigun was the expert consultant in the Management of emergency situations Chief of staff of the interior Ministry, where he was promoted to the post of head of General inspection organization and inspection management. Finally, in 1999, he becomes the representative of the interior Ministry in Chechnya.

Driving forces and resources in emergency situations, the General always adhered to stringent positions, and is fundamentally opposed to any concessions to the militants. In particular, he did not consider it necessary even to negotiate about the ransom of the hostages – they are after the First Chechen became more and more, because kidnapping has become the main “business” of Ichkeria. And this life twist that happened with him on March 5, looks even more dramatic.

in captivity

the Attack on the General occurred at the airport of Grozny in the plane. Shpigun was heading to Moscow flight civil airlines, the guards remained outside. Already during acceleration in the cabin suddenly there were armed men, who literally dragged the representative of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ichkeria out, put in the car and drove away in the direction of the Terskiy mountain range.

However, the troubles the pilot of the plane is not over. After he went to the side of the terminal, to talk about the incident, the road was blocked by two UAZ. Of the machines again took armed men in camouflage uniforms who demanded to be let in to the salon. Only after making sure that the General on Board, they followed the first group.

after 12 days of silence, the kidnappers demanded a ransom for Shpigun – 15 million U.S. dollars. By this time the Minister of internal Affairs Sergey Stepashin has managed to give the word of the officer that the General will be released. However, the process was delayed: the state refused to pay the fighters traded is the ransom eventually fell five-fold, to three million. Discussed various options for the release of the hostage until the missile strike and special forces operations, but the kidnappers transported the victim from place to place, which excluded the possibility of planning some action.

during the year about the fate of spigana authentically did not know practically nothing. Only the media isrecand wrote that he is alive in Georgia, somewhere in Chechnya. More or less all cleared March 31, 2000, when near the village of Itum-Kali was found dead hostage, according to local runaway and frozen in the woods. Although it is not much to lighten my dark spots in history.

Who is to blame and what to do?

the fact that the found body is the body of Shpigun, there is little doubt. This was pointed out, in particular, these genetic examination, which showed 90% compliance, and the fact that the identification of General his brother. The same was confirmed and the testimony of the prisoner of the militants, who said that Shpigun died of a heart attack during one of the transitions – from Shatoy just in Itum-Kali.

however, on paper Shpigun was still alive for a long time: MIA was just hiding the results of the examination. In addition, the then Deputy head of Department Valery Rushailo reported on the progress of the case information that is untrue, stating, for example, that the study of the body by specialists of the Rostov Central laboratory. However, reporters found that this information is untrue – the region has only one centre, capable of conducting DNA testing, but there the body was received.

moreover, the Prosecutor’s office added that the interior Ministry does not necessarily know where the body is. As it turned out, the Agency feared that the body may again fall into the hands of criminals and become the subject of bargaining.

However, probably the interior Ministry and the Prosecutor’s office just play safe. According to “Kommersant”, in early 2000, the President just had to form a new government and then the Minister of internal Affairs Vladimir Rushailo expected destination. The outcry around the case of spigana reduced the chances of the official who led the Agency, whose representatives repeatedly promised to rescue the General. And as head of the Prosecutor General Vladimir Ustinov, he, in turn, had to get rid of the prefix acting, so that he feared reputationx costs.

However, these oddities are just the tip of the iceberg. Still one cannot call the perpetrators of the kidnapping of spigana and say that was the motive – money or revenge.

the interior Ministry, In particular, argued that for a crime I was personally Shamil Basayev, who, since the First Chechen could be a grudge against the General. Supposedly it was on his orders Shpigun was taken prisoner by the separatists of the gang, Abdul-Malik Mezhidov. According to another version, one of the organizers of the kidnapping were Chechen separatists of boudi Bachev, Arbi Barayev and brothers Ahmadova.

In another assumption, the abduction could be involved in the head of the border guard and customs services of Ichkeria Magomed Khatuev and the Deputy Minister of internal Affairs of Ichkeria Nasrudi Bazhiev. Their participation could be due to the fact that the Republican leadership initially opposed the appointment of spigana for the post of representative of the interior Ministry. Supposedly the President of Ichkeria Aslan Maskhadov even personally advised the leadership of the Department about the undesirability of finding the General in the region.

of involvement In the crime was also accused oligarch Boris Berezovsky. It was suspected that Shpigun knew about his financial contacts with Chechen guerrillas, and that could be the reason for the abduction. Later, however, Stepashin in an interview with journalist Alexander Khinshtein has admitted that the role of Berezovsky in the present case was quite different: the oligarch, it appears, paid the bandits seven million dollars, but not for kidnapping, but for those that have not given General. According to the former head of the interior Ministry, a fact later confirmed Maskhadov.

the Intervention of Berezovsky’s explains a lot really: the slowness of the security forces, and death in the full sense of the word precious hostage, and even some confusion after the discovery of his body. However, this is only version. And apparently, to confirm or deny her now unlikely to succeed: many participants of those events is already dead and to answer the investigator’s questions, they will never succeed.

Ivan Resepi

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