Galina Kalinnikov: as a nurse earned the right to wear maroon beret

Heroes 03/01/20 Photo: drive2.ghalina Kalinnikov: as a nurse earned the right to wear maroon beret

maroon beret is a cherished dream of commando. The right to carry receive only the strongest men survived the ordeal. However, when in 1996 the Council of maroon berets of the MVD Internal troops of Russia allowed to wear this type of hat paramedic Galina Kalinnikova, it did not meet any objections. Kalinnikova to this day remains the only woman in Russia who was awarded this honor.

Bold “Thumbelina”

Meeting in time of peace short woman in a lab coat and a maroon beret, many were perplexed – not a joke this is. However, the biography of Galina Kalinnikova – a true story of courage.

In the special forces school was in 1993. Before that, she worked for several years as a nurse in the Novocherkassk district hospital of internal troops of the interior Ministry. At the request of the commander of an emerging group of special forces to sweep one of the villages in Nagorno-Karabakh in the squad secured a nurse. The choice of the authorities fell on Galina Kalinnikova.

at First the men did not take it seriously and even called “Thumbelina”. Indeed, after the first trip to the Caucasus, where Kalinnikova, in her confession, “had such a fear”, the paramedic was ready to permanently return to the hospital. However, in the end she stayed with the group “Typhoon”. The decision to risk his life, apparently, it was not easy, as the houses Kalinnikova waited for a daughter-a schoolgirl. Soon the forces sent to North Ossetia, to reconcile the warring Ossetians and Ingush. However, the main exploits of the Typhoon and Galina Kalinnikova were yet to come.


During the First Chechen war, the special forces of internal troops located in the village of Samashki of the Achkhoi-Martan district of Chechnya. In these places there was fierce fighting with the separatists. Here the share of Galina Kalinnikova fell twhat hardships, what not every man can afford. But the main thing was different: Thanks to the work of women was medic saved the lives of many soldiers. Deputy commander of the “Typhoon,” captain Igor Sokolov called Kalinnikova “a paramedic from God” and told that the surviving members of the order are ready to bow down at her feet.

In January 1995 (according to others, in December 1994) Galina Kalinnikova received a concussion. It happened when a column of infantry fighting vehicles and two “Ural” moved on “Kulikovo field” — the area near Assinovskaya, called “in honor of” General Anatoly Kulikov.

“I was sitting in the cockpit of the second car and saw hit a mine first, — has told Galina Filippovna later (cited in the journal of the special forces “Bro”). While thinking what to do, another mine exploded under the wheels of our “Ural”. Jumped – and straight to the drivers. How are you, boys? And they answered: “Sister, you in the blood. Bintou themselves, we tolerate”. That’s silly, I’m a medic. Inject them with a pain reliever and feel like the ground from under the feet away. On the head like a hammer hit, and the sight of sparks flashed. To impose a bandage in time, and the rest did not have enough forces”.

After a concussion

After months of treatment in the hospital, Galina Kalinnikova began to ask back in the “Typhoon”. The request was granted, and in April, the paramedic returned to his duties. According to colleagues, no one ever heard from her no word of complaint. In the spring of 1995, the school received the Order of Courage, and a year after it officially affirmed the right to wear maroon beret, which she actually received, together with the order. Commanders praised the bravery shown by the woman in battle.

When in August 1998 a group of special forces was disbanded, Galina Kalinnikova left in the 48th regiment of operative purpose “Typhoon”. She retired in 2004, with the rank of Lieutenant of medical service. VposledstviiAI heroine of the Chechen campaign lived in his native Novocherkassk. According to open sources, she was registered as a sole proprietorship, engaged in the business of retail trade.

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