The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has taken action against certain spice brands after receiving adverse lab reports. Approximately 4,000 spice samples were tested as part of a nationwide testing initiative, with 2,000 reports received so far. Out of these, 100 samples failed due to excessive pesticide levels.

Brands such as Everest and MDH have been implicated, with Rajasthan already recalling affected batches. This action by FSSAI follows similar recalls by regulators in Hong Kong and Singapore. The affected brands have the option to appeal the decision and request retesting at a laboratory designated by FSSAI.

The testing and sampling drive was initiated after concerns were raised by Rajasthan officials regarding high levels of pesticides found in certain spice brands. The lab reports also indicated issues in some other states as well. In response to this, FSSAI conducted thorough tests for pesticide residues, metal contaminants, and various other parameters.

It is important for consumers to be aware of these findings and be cautious when purchasing spice products from these brands. The safety of food products is paramount, and the actions taken by FSSAI are aimed at ensuring the well-being of the public. It is recommended to stay informed about any further developments regarding this issue to make informed choices while purchasing spices.