a Resident of Novosibirsk, coordinator of the organization “Russia Sitting” Rimma Obeikan spent the night in the tent of emergency medicine at the hospital No. 11, where she was taken by ambulance. She wrote about this in Facebook under the pseudonym Natalya Filimonova. According to her, she uses this alias in the institution was taken and recorded under the name Rimma Abacon.

“By the evening, my husband was taken to the hospital 11 that Tank. Already in the car doctor, who came for us, he hinted that the hospital is full, and will have to wait until a next, pending in the courtyard, the tent of disaster medicine. In this tent we are already 5 hours. With us another 4 people. By the way, said that we were lucky, because during the day there were 18 people. Chance to get up in the morning in the hospital we have,” she said in social networks.