Many people are not happy with their first name. Some allow him to change as adults. Names are of course an important part of identity.

Countries sometimes change their names too. This is mostly for political reasons: The Republic of the Congo has gone through many stages of (foreign) rule, and this is reflected in the changing names: Congo Free State, Belgian Congo, Congo-Léopold, Zaire and finally the Republic of the Congo.

It was only in 2019 that Macedonia ended its decades-long name dispute with Greece and renamed itself North Macedonia – to distinguish it from the Greek province of Macedonia. For the sake of peace.

Turkey, on the other hand, now wants to strengthen the country’s brand, identity and reputation by renaming it. It’s about the translation of the country’s name into English: Turkey. In fact, information about turkeys also turns up online if you search for this word.

Actually, it should be guinea fowl, which were probably imported to North America via the Ottoman Empire as “Turkish chickens”. But meanwhile every European also knows that turkeys are eaten baked and roasted on the most important American holiday (Thanksgiving).

Although hardly any jokes or name games are known because of this double meaning, in very nationalistic Turkish circles this can be felt as insulting or humiliating.

Therefore, the government in Ankara is consistent and now wants to be called “Turkiye” internationally (also in German, where confusion with a bird is actually impossible).

Unfortunately, Turkey cannot command the world how their country name is translated in the different languages. But of course it is the order of the day to respond to demands for self-determination. Then “Turkiye” – and have fun with the correct pronunciation and correct spelling!