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History 07/01/20 Fritz Haber: why is the “father of chemical weapons” fled Nazi Germany

Fritz Haber, under whose leadership had created the pesticide Zyklon B used to kill concentration camp prisoners in 1933 he left Germany. By this time the wife of the chemist committed suicide, realizing what he had done for her husband. The flight probably would not have saved Haber from justice, if he survived until the end of World war II, but he died before it began.

“a Real German” and a Nobel prize winner

it is Noteworthy that the future inventor of the “Zyklon B” was born from a Jewish family. However, according to Tim Grady, author of “the Fatal legacy. The truth about the true causes of the Holocaust,” Fritz Haber from childhood literally worshiped everything German. Apparently, in order to feel like a real Prussian, Gaber at the age of 23 years he abandoned Judaism and converted to Protestantism. Apparently, the father of Fritz, by the way, a successful merchant, a seller of dyes and various chemicals react to the change son the religion of peace. At least he gave Fritz an excellent education.

Gaber Jr. studied at the universities of Berlin, Breslau, Heidelberg, Zurich and Jena. After receiving his doctorate, he got a job at the Higher technical school in Karlsruhe. Subsequently, according to “encyclopedia of essential knowledge” under the reaction T. V. rose, the chemist called the years in Karlsruhe, the most fruitful in his life. And no wonder: it was there and it was then that Fritz Haber developed a physico-chemical basis of industrial production of ammonia. The process during which ammonia is produced from hydrogen and atmospheric nitrogen, which was named in his honor in 1918, Haber was awarded the Nobel laureate.

“the Father of chemical weapons”

But the wife of Fritz Haber, also a chemist, before awarding her husband the Nobel prize ne survived: realizing what can cause of the invention of Fritz, Clara Immervoll committed suicide. The fact that the receipt of ammonia on a large scale has opened the way to industrial production of fertilizers, explosives and poison gas. And really soon, Gaber was named the “father of chemical weapons”. According to the male Oskotsky, the author of the book “the Humane bullet” during the First world war, Haber has not only developed poison gases, but also personally led the gas attack at Ypres in 1915.

Despite the fact that Fritz Haber was not a military leader, burned the lungs and eyes burnt hundreds of thousands of British soldiers he didn’t care. He considered himself a “good German” and liked to repeat that “in peace time a scientist belongs to the world, but during war time he belongs to his country”. Meanwhile, Gaber, if you believe the author of the book “37 of the tragedies of science”, Vladislav Shcherbakov, launched the activities for introduction of chemical weapons in other countries. According to Scherbak, the support of the Fritz Haber had the Soviet Union in 1932, German chemist even became an honorary member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR.

“Zyklon B” and escape from Germany

However, the infamous “Zyklon B”, according to Alexander Gordon in the publication “Sketches of Jewish duality”, was originally created by Fritz Haber to help the agricultural workers to combat insect pests. According to Rupert Colley, author of “Hitler” for the first time the Nazis used the pesticide to kill the prisoners of the death camps in September 1941, that is after the death of Haber. Although, it is worth noting that Fritz Haber had always justified the use of toxic substances, saying that “death is death”, regardless of the reasons causing it.

Then, the scientist did not know that many of his relatives die in gas chambers is from the invented gas. When after the arrival of Hitler to power some of the closest Haber was arrested, he chose to flee from Germany. This fact mentions in his the book “Axis of world history” by Yuri Okunev. Once in the UK, Fritz Haber received an offer to be the Director of one of the research institutes in Palestine. However, to work Gaber and got: he died on the road in the room of the Swiss hotel in January 1934.

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