Frankly about coronavirus: 9 facts as Novosibirsk fights infection

Novosibirsk oblast is struggling with the coronavirus — told live on our Instagram (recording videoair see here) the Minister of health of the region Konstantin Halzov and the main infectious diseases Larisa Pozdnyakova. Full transcript of the conversation we will publish later on the site. Now tell 9 the most interesting and important points.

In Novosibirsk almost 100% occupied beds in infectious diseases hospitals: hospital No. 11 hospital No. 25. This happened due to the fact that the medical facilities operate as distribution centers. All patients with suspected community-acquired pneumonia is first driven in these two hospitals. And only after negative test for coronavirus transferred to other institutions. Now in the Novosibirsk region plan to increase the number of infectious hospitals.
In the region addresses the issue to watch at home for patients with coronavirus are asymptomatic. But now the decision is still pending.
the Main infectious diseases in the region has denied the information that the results of tests for coronavirus is lost. Sometimes delays occur, but they are related to the fact that a negative result is issued immediately, but doubtful and positive smears are sent to the reference laboratory of Rospotrebnadzor.
one hundred percent testing residents of the Novosibirsk region for the coronavirus will not be — according to experts, doing so many tests all in a row is inefficient and unreliable. Widespread testing for antibodies will not be.
In hospitals, where staff revealed a coronavirus, a point close to the processing office or other premises. For example, the maternity hospital No. 1 was closed last month for three days a few times.
Coronavirus as the cause of death is put only in case if the virus has been fatal. If the person died from the development of chronic diseases, then they are put on the first place in cause of death.
Problems with medical personnel in the fight against coronavirus in novosibirrural area no. Complaints additional payments for work with Coveney infection the Ministry of health is ready to solve individually.According to the chief infectious diseases specialist of the region, Novosibirsk oblast close to the progressive decrease in morbidity. We are looking forward to reaching the plateau.
From coronavirus infection there is no specific prevention. Residents are required to use masks, medical gloves, monitor the status of your health, not to forget about the disinfectant, sleep well and eat, to protect yourself and loved ones.

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