Nigerian knockout sensation Efe Ajagba will take on Frank Sanchez, from Cuba, on Saturday (9 October 2021), at the T-Mobile arena in Las Vegas. This is a test Ajagba should not fail, as he strives to win a world title shot.

This fight is part of the Tyson Fury/Deotay wilder trilogy’s undercards. It is the main event of the evening.

The fight will be watched closely by boxing fans as Ajagba or Sanchez could become future heavyweight champions. In the near future, the winner might face Fury or Wilder.

Efe Ajagba, with 15-0, 12 knockouts, has been considered one with punching power that can challenge any world heavyweight champions.

Frank Sanchez has 18-0, 13 knockouts. He is an ex-amateur champion and has excellent boxing skills. He is a combination of fast movements and good punching power.

He is a dangerous prospect for heavyweight boxers because of his ability to take as many shots as he can.

It will be a true test of Efe Ajagba’s heavyweight boxing credentials. The highly-rated Nigerian boxer has impressively climbed the ladder of heavyweight, moving up the ranks with each fight, and closer to a world title shot.

At the moment, Nigeria’s number eight is WBC. He is also ranked at number ten in WBO’s top 10 heavyweight boxers. Sanchez is currently ranked at number eleven and five respectively by WBC.

The fight will last five years. Ajagba is expected to face the twenty-nine year-old Cuban.

Ajagba should prepare for this fight and show the world he’s not just a one trick boxer. He can also take punches and jabs and defend while waiting for the big opportunity to unleash his deadly right hand.

The Nigerian knows that he must do more than just wait for Sanchez to get knocked out. He may have to be ready to box the entire 10 rounds.

IFL Tv spoke to Ajagba just after Thursday’s presser. He said that although he wouldn’t go for a knockout, he was ready for anything the Cubans throw at him.

Sanchez is a good example of a person who moves well. We’ll wait and see. I don’t plan any knockouts.

“So, he’s calling ‘Flash. It’s going fast. Efe Ajagba, an undercard press conference speaker, stated that he is not planning a knockout. He said that he would do his boxing, move around, and do all the other things in the gym.

He hopes to also use some of the strategies that he learned during his sessions with Tyson Fury last July.

Ajagba stated during the press conference that he is now confident to fight technical boxers such as Sanchez, and not underestimate him because he views the fight as a global title.

“I sparred with Tyson Fury, and it gave me a lot more experience and a lot more strategies.

“How to feint very often. Tyson Fury feints quite a bit. Because Sanchez is small, it gave me confidence in my ability to fight him.

“I don’t say a small man because I’m here not to underestimate anybody.” Ajagba stated that every fighter is a fighter and that every fighter who fights is a world champion for me.

The Olympian is determined to win a world championship, but beating the Cuban on Saturday might make his path to a title more rapid.

He must pass this test with flying colors in order to show the rest of the globe that he isn’t a joke. The Fury/Wilder 3 platform is the best platform to accomplish that.

The fight will begin in the early hours Sunday morning in Nigeria at 4 am. It is dependent on the length of other undercards. This fight is the last before Tyson Fury or Deotay wilder take to the podium.