(Paris) Prepare to see this slogan everywhere. Montreal will soon appear as “Francophone Metropolis of the Americas” in its official logo, Valérie Plante said Friday, wrapping up her week-long European tour.

Ms. Plante was coming out of a conference bringing together dozens of mayors from French-speaking cities around the world. She defended the idea of ​​”valuing the cities where French is the first language across the planet”.

In Montreal, this promotion will go through a change in the business image of the City to integrate its French character. Montreal billed as “Francophone Metropolis of the Americas” in all its communications and signage: “Yes, yes, yes,” said Ms. Plante, directly confirming that her administration would proceed in this direction. ” I like it. »

“Honestly, I was already using it [the phrase] and now it feels like I’m saying it even more proudly,” she continued, seated for the interview in a glitzy gilded living room at the residence. Canadian Ambassador to France. “One does not prevent the other: this idea of ​​a cosmopolitan city, with French as a social binder. That’s what I like. »

It was a recommendation from a committee on French chaired by ex-minister Louise Harel whose report was released last month. Ms. Plante had previously expressed openness to the idea, but had never confirmed her support.

“Many cities have positioning statements or logos to express what sets them apart,” the committee noted. According to the graphic proposal included in the report, the words “Francophone Metropolis of the Americas” would be inserted under “Montreal”, to the left of the red rosette which constitutes the emblem of the City.

“Symbolically, it’s very important to have an affirmation of what Montreal is and wants to be. And to express it in a generalized way, ”Ms. Harel said in an interview, still in March.

Valérie Plante will return to Quebec this weekend, after a visit to London, Vienna and Paris. She met the mayors of these three cities, visited some of their emblematic projects and participated in municipal diplomacy meetings.

The mayor draws a positive assessment of her European tour.

First, because “Montreal is an international city, it’s important to say that,” she said, noting the strong presence of consulates and head offices. “There is an expectation at the international level that Montreal is present in different networks, in different agreements. […] Montreal has always had very strong international relations. »

Second, because the mayors and projects she has visited target the same concerns that plague her, she said: environment, mobility and housing.

The day before, she had said she was inspired by the transformation of Paris, but had refused to commit to the possibility of importing these ideas in the short term. On Friday, she spoke of her desire to adapt them “with Montreal sauce”.

“Montréal is part of the international movement when it comes to climate change, adapting the territory and quality of life. And we are going to do it our way, by working with all the ecosystems depending on the files. »