Four scanners for the whole hospital. How to prepare to receive kovid patients GKB №3 (and afraid of what family physicians)

Novosibirsk will be one coveny hospital more to re-cook city hospital № 3 on the street Mukhacheva, 5/4. From the 20th of June, she will begin to accept patients with coronavirus and suspected him, and will function as a distribution centre (for example the 11-th hospital). The news surprised the medical staff, because the conversion is, according to them, is in a big hurry, and meanwhile neither the staff nor the institution itself is not ready to receive patients with coronavirus infection. “It was just horrible how everything is organized,” addressed to the editor of NGS, several family members of physicians working in the hospital № 3. About what is happening in a small clinic, which this Saturday will take the brunt of the pandemic, they told us on condition of anonymity.