The “Formula 1” will still be the season to start, but then it is virtual. All of the scheduled races in the next few months are going to online be finished, and may even be due to a number of Formula 1 drivers.

The so-called F1, Esports, Virtual Grand Prix Series kicks off this Sunday, with the virtual of the Grand Prix of Bahrain, announced the Formula 1 calendar.

Fans will be able to make the race, where a current Formula 1 drivers and a number of stars to join will be available online. The names will be announced.

virtual Grand Prix will be used by the official Formula 1 game, by 2019 at the latest. The Dutch GP at the circuit of Zandvoort, was not yet on the calendar, making the race on the 3rd of may and will be replaced by an alternate Grand Prix.

Because of the corona virus, the GP’s in Australia and Monaco were cancelled, and the races were held in Japan, China, Vietnam, the Netherlands and Spain have been postponed. The Grand Prix of Russia on the 7th of June, it is for the time being the first race on the calendar.