Forget about meat and chocolate: 8 foods that kill the immune system

Never know how to get back at you edible addiction, don’t wait effect. And in some cases have to wait too long. Yes and check for yourself, honestly, do not want. So trust the professionals and find out what happens if you lean on chocolate, seafood, meat and other delicious foods.

Raw eggs block the vitamins

the First is the danger that may come to mind when the word “eggs” — a salmonellosis. But to get food poisoning, you have to eat too many raw eggs, and not the fact that you will achieve results: for every 30 thousand eggs have only one infected. Stories about elevated bad cholesterol, too, can not listen to it, of course, is in eggs but not in such numbers to affect the human body. But the addiction to eggs can cause deficiency of one of the b vitamins — Biotin.