A forest fire near Gransee/Schönermark causes more smoke to develop. The Federal Office for Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance announced in an official warning that the cloud of smoke was moving into downtown Gransee. The fire brigade was already alerted and in action.

According to a RBB report, around 50 hectares of forest and fields are burning. Fire brigades from the northern district of Oberhavel and forces from Ostprignitz-Ruppin have been alerted, it is said.

Among other things, special vehicles are to be used to fight forest fires. The fire is not yet under control, a spokesman for the north-east control center told RBB.

Residents of Gransee are asked to keep the emergency numbers of the fire brigade and police free for emergency calls. Windows and doors should remain closed and air conditioning systems should be switched off. If possible, the area should be bypassed or avoided as far as possible.

The municipality of Schönermark is located in the north of the Oberhavel district in Brandenburg and belongs to the Gransee district and municipalities.

The emergency services of the fire brigade in Brandenburg are currently fighting several forest fires – some of which were caused by arson. The police said that this was the case with a series of fires in the Oranienburg area (Oberhavel).

Within a few days there had been numerous small fires in close proximity to each other. Traces have been secured, said Christin Knospe, spokeswoman for the police department north of the German Press Agency on Monday. “We check the connections.”

According to the Ministry of the Environment, human activity causes more than 90 percent of all forest fires with up to 99 percent of the areas damaged by forest fires. “That causes us massive problems,” reported Deputy Forest Fire Protection Officer Philipp Haase on Monday.

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According to the Ministry of the Environment, the highest level of forest fire risk was five in almost the entire country on Monday. Only in Potsdam-Mittelmark was the second highest level four. Brandenburg has a forest area of ​​around 1.1 million hectares.

In the Lieberoser Heide, the emergency services are still doing post-extinguishing work after the big fire on an area of ​​90 hectares three weeks ago. There are still up to 20 smaller fires, said Haase.